Kind 11-Year-Old Girl Sews Hundreds Of Masks For The Homeless: "It's easy"

Kind 11-Year-Old Girl Sews Hundreds Of Masks For The Homeless: "It's easy"

When Holli Morgan was made aware of the endless demand for masks due to the COVID-19 outbreak, she decided to use her time at home to sew masks.

Image Source: GoFundMe/11-year old Holli, makes 1200 masks for homeless

In light of the ongoing global pandemic, many have gone out of their way to assist the community's most vulnerable. Be it celebrities, rich businesspersons, or regular folks, everyone has been doing their part during this health crisis. Now, an 11-year-old girl from DeKalb County, Atlanta, is inspiring people everywhere with her kind and generous efforts. When Holli Morgan learned about the endless demand for masks due to the COVID-19 outbreak, she decided to use her time at home to sew masks for hundreds of healthcare employees working in local hospitals. "It's easy, and it takes just a little time to help others, just help the community," the fifth-grader told WSB-TV.


This was not Morgan's first attempt at stitching as she has been working at the sewing machine for two years now and improving her skills with local nonprofit Stitch it 2 'Em, reports, 11 Alive. Her teacher and leader of Stitch it 2 'Em Kecia Mack has also been making these masks in her spare time. "I'm very proud of her. [It] makes you realize kids are paying attention," said Mack. She had the skills and during this pandemic, the 11-year-old decided to use it to help others. Unlike her teacher, Morgan had a very personal reason for doing this. "It's a big impact on society and it's a big impact on my mom because she's a healthcare worker," shared Morgan who was being assisted by her family to distribute the hand-made masks in local metro Atlanta hospitals. 


But this personal mission soon turned into a selfless one when the little girl learned about the mandatory mask laws which were laid down in some of the areas earlier this month. Morgan was left concern about how these rules would affect the homeless population who may not be able to afford these compulsory protective gear for themselves, revealed her mother April McMillian. "Ever since she was born, she's always had this big heart," said McMillian praising her brilliant daughter, according to ABC7.


Back in April, she expressed, "I want to do more than this amount but at least two hundred and fifty." Speaking to WSB-TV in July, Morgan revealed that she had long exceeded her goal and already set a new one. "I have 574 masks in total. My goal is 1,200 masks," said the young seamstress who also expressed her wish to teach other kids how to make masks at home via Zoom. "It does not matter your age or size," she said at the time. Her mother then shared how the family never expected this noble gesture of their daughter to blow up.


"This little girl just wanted to help. Sheโ€™s a little girl who wanted to be part of something big. None of us really knew how big it would go," she said adding how a report on Channel 2 Action News inspired Morgan and set her virality in motion. The senior pastor of Berean Christian Church- which has congregations in DeKalb, Gwinnett, and Henry Counties- Dr. Kerwin Lee, was absolutely delighted with Morgan's selfless effort. "Itโ€™s her own initiative. It wasnโ€™t something that someone planted in her. She saw there was a need, and knew she was gifted to do this. She took it on herself to be a blessing to others," said Lee, lauding the youngster. He plans to take on the responsibility of distributing the masks created by Morgan to people who are in dire need of it.


"Throughout our 25-year history, we've seen many young people be used mightily by God to make a difference. I think the difference with Holli is that she's making a difference during a season of pandemic," added Dr. Lee. Morgan, who hopes that her initiative will make a great impact in the community, shared, "It makes me feel like I did something to help the earth in a major pandemic." A GoFundMe account has been created to help fund the cost of the material required to make these masks.

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