Keeping Fresh Flowers In Your Home Can Actually Reduce Pain And Anxiety

Keeping Fresh Flowers In Your Home Can Actually Reduce Pain And Anxiety

Having flowers instantly brightens the place up, and it also gives it a very homey vibe, which explains why you'd feel calm.

Flowers have always been associated with happiness and love, and when we want to cheer someone up or make them feel special, the first thing we do is buy some flowers for them. It's sure to brighten up their day. That is something we know, but did you know if you have fresh flowers around, it actually reduces pain and anxiety.  The American Society for Horticulture Science carried out a study to see if plants have positive therapeutic effects on people who were recovering from surgery. Needless to say, the results of it were pretty dramatic. 


Researchers chose to study 90 patients who were recovering from appendectomies. They were randomly split up into rooms with and without flowers, and then their physical and psychological responses were measured. People who had flowers in their rooms “had significantly fewer intakes of postoperative analgesics, more positive physiological responses evidenced by lower systolic blood pressure and heart rate, lower ratings of pain, anxiety, and fatigue, and more positive feelings and higher satisfaction about their rooms when compared with patients in the control group.”


This is not the first study to conduct research on the effects of flowers on humans. The British Journal Of Sports Medicine published an 11-year study where they found leisure activities such as gardening seems to have the same benefits as hitting the gym.  It revealed that as little as one hour a week of “leisure-time physical activity,” like spending time with your plants, can be as healthy as a workout. 


It goes without saying that indoor plants don't have the same effect as gardening, but it also has been proven to have benefits, like improving the air quality. It also reduces stress, and even “induce positive changes in the brain’s electrical activity, heart activity, and muscle tension.” Having flowers instantly brightens the place up, and it also gives it a very homey vibe, which explains why you'd feel calm.


“If properly maintained, indoor plants can provide a great opportunity for patients to experience nature in all seasons when outdoor scenery cannot provide this benefit,” the study concluded. Researchers also suggest that flowers should be a “complementary medicine” for recovering patients, ad a much more natural one at that. If there's something that can help you feel better without you having to ingest yourself with a lot of medicines. 


There were a lot of people who began sharing their experience when it came to having flowers in their home. Kayte Peters wrote: I've gotten flowers "for no reason" every week since my best friend passed last year. It's just 1 little thing that brings a little color and reminds me not to wait for a special occasion because special occasions aren't guaranteed. Wanda Clark added: I always pick up one of Trader Joe's inexpensive but pretty bouquets during my weekly trip. Just love seeing flowers in the dining room and kitchen every day


Amy Mondello added:  I always try to keep a mason jar of fresh flowers on my kitchen table. It’s really surprising how long a $7 carnation bunch will last! To me, it’s such a natural and simple act, but actually, it’s quite profound. Seeing and tending to the blooms actually make me feel better, happier, and reminds me that the simplest things are often the most beautiful.  Evan Wells Pagano chimed in: I always have fresh flowers in my house. I can’t imagine not doing it, unless I absolutely could not afford it.. makes a big difference in mood.


But, Jessica Revard Danek had a different opinion: Yeah. I doubt this. I’ll stick to admiring them in nature. Cut flowers depress me because they are dying over my selfish desires to easily look at something pretty in my dining room and potted flowers give me anxiety in regards to care and responsibility for something I’m awful at keeping alive. Can’t help but wonder if the results are skewed in hopes to boost flower sales and the floral industry in general.


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