Here's Why Keanu Reeves Is Considered The Nicest Guy In Hollywood

Here's Why Keanu Reeves Is Considered The Nicest Guy In Hollywood

Is it possible to fall in love with someone over and over again? It's certainly the case when it's Keanu Reeves.

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Keanu Reeves is known as Hollywood's nicest guy for a reason- he's a sweet, compassionate, and respectful person. Unlike most of the unforgiving and tough characters he plays on screen, the Matrix actor is a truly humble person when it comes to real life. While many actors have let fame get to their head, the John Wick actor has remained grounded to this day. Back in 2019, he and several passengers were stranded in Bakersfield after his flight from San Francisco to Burbank in Los Angeles had to make an emergency landing due to a mechanical indication. During a situation like this, one would expect a celebrity to charter a flight and embark upon their destination without any delay or maybe call a chauffeur and zoom away. But that's not Reeves, who stuck around and made sure that he and the other stranded passengers reached their destination. 


Videos that surfaced on social media showed the actor taking the initiative to help them. He arranged for a van so they could reach their destination and to keep morale high, he read some facts about Bakersfield. This is not all, he has been quietly donating to multiple charities, including running a private foundation that benefits cancer research and children's hospitals. In a Ladies Home Journal article, he was quoted by Snopes, "I have a private foundation that’s been running for five or six years, and it helps aid a couple of children’s hospitals and cancer research. I don’t like to attach my name to it, I just let the foundation do what it does."


Reeves is no stranger to the devastation that cancer has on patients, as his sister, who he describes as "the very special woman in my life," was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. The actor bravely remained by her side as she battled for her life and even said that what he does was nothing compared to what his sister was facing in life. "I love Kim. She's so brave, and I want the very best for her. You can star in hit movies, but that's nothing compared to going through what Kim's been through," he told Woman's Day. Just last year, he appeared during an online auction for Camp Rainbow Gold, an Idaho-based children's cancer charity, and stole our hearts.


For the event, which served as a boost to its fundraising efforts for the organization, Reeves had committed a 15-minute Zoom call to the highest bidder. Meanwhile, a Twitter thread started by user @James_Dator revealed how the 56-year-old star bought an ice cream just so he could sign his autograph on the receipt for the then-16-year-old boy who was too shy to ask for it directly. Next, he was dubbed "Respectful King" after another Twitter thread pointed out how the Canadian-American actor carefully places his hand when it comes to his female fans. The hovering hand pattern was noticed in many of Reeves' pictures and the awkward yet endearing gesture made netizens fall in love with the man once again. 



Just when you thought that Reeves couldn't possibly be any nicer, he went to personally surprise one of his fans and respond to a public message they had put up. Slidell residents Stacey Hunt and her 16-year-old son Ethan had put up a signboard on their front yard which read, "You're Terrific." The actor was shooting a movie in Louisiana at the time and as soon as he learned about the sign, he appeared at their doorsteps within a few hours. Stacey was completely surprised when Reeves asked them if he could sign their poster, before crouching under the scorching sun and writing, "Stacey, you're breathtaking!" Speaking to CNN, Stacey said, "What you read about him being such a great person with a great heart is true." And we could not agree more.


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