Katherine Heigl Hints At Possible Return To 'Grey's Anatomy'; Do You Want Izzie Back?

Katherine Heigl Hints At Possible Return To 'Grey's Anatomy'; Do You Want Izzie Back?

Last year, during an interview, she also spoke about how she was happy that Alex finally found true love!

For hardcore fans of Grey's Anatomy, the fab five: Meredith, Alex, Christina, Izzie, and George meant everything. The show did start with them, to be real. All of us connected with each of them on an emotional level and we really felt it when George died and Izzie and Christina left. I mean, I'm pretty sure there's no one here who wasn't teary-eyed when Denny Duquette died.  We all felt that on an emotional level. Somehow, in Grey's we could connect with Izzie on a personal level, probably because of her personal struggles. She did not really come from a well-off family, but she managed to get through medical school without student loans and she made a career for herself. She was as real as any of us could be and we all felt that. 

Yeah, it was hard when she left the show in season 6, but 9 seasons later, it seems like there just MIGHT be hope. Might. In an exclusive interview with ET Online, she spoke about how things have been, but she admitted that the decision to reprise her Grey's Anatomy character, even if it is in the show's eventual series finale, would be "a tough one" to make. She also added that she hadn't thought about Izzie Stevens in years. 


"I haven't [thought about Izzie] in years. I don't know. I don't know if I would or if I wouldn’t," she said. "I almost feel like that would almost be distracting again to, sort of, what they've done with that show in the seven years since I left... and what that's become and what it is to the fans now." Heigle added, "It must feel like it would just be kind of like, 'Yeah, we already let that go... why are you here?'"


 After all, in 2018 Heigl predicted what Izzie Stevens is doing today after she came across the news of her former on-screen husband getting married to his current onscreen wife Camilla Luddington's character Jo Wilson. In an interview with TVLine, Heigl expressed both shock and happiness when she got to know of Chamber's character's wedding in Grey's Anatomy during the 14th season. 

“Oh my God!” Heigl exclaimed, before adding, “Well, that’s exciting. Alex needed to find love — true love.” Heigl was quick to give the newlyweds her blessing, but she added that her former alter ego might not be this enthusiastic about the whole thing. “I don’t know [how Izzie would react],” the actress hedged. “I’d have to start wondering where Izzie is. Like, what is she doing? Where did she go? I would hope that she pursued her [medical] career."


“She could have children by now,” Heigl continues. “She could be married… If she has moved on, then I would expect Izzie to be very happy for him. She would want him to be happy.” And what if Izzie were still single? “She’d be jealous [of Jo] for sure, right?” Heigl said, before adding with a laugh, “She’d want him to hold out for her.” Well, Alex and Jo are made for each other, but we wouldn't really be disappointed to have Izzie Stevens back on the show, with a basket of muffins! Shonda Rhimes, you hearing this?


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