'Joker' Viewers Walk Out Of Movie Theaters Because It Was 'Too Dark' And 'Disturbing'

'Joker' Viewers Walk Out Of Movie Theaters Because It Was 'Too Dark' And 'Disturbing'

While some viewers lauded Joker for its unmatched, dark take on society, there were others who simply couldn't handle the raw insanity he masked under his smile.

Todd Phillips brought us the darker and more disturbing side of one of the most iconic madmen of the DC Universe, Joker. Doing justice to the character, earlier played by the remarkable Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix has once again enthralled the audience with the very chaos that defines the character of Joker.

Although the first teaser didn't reveal much, by the time the final trailer hit the internet, fans knew they were headed for a much more sinister plot.



While several viewers lauded the movie for its unmatched dark take on society, with fans anticipating this to be the start of DC Black, there were others who simply couldn't handle the disturbing antics of the Joker especially the raw insanity he masked under his smile.



According to a report by The Sun, many viewers walked out of the theatres shortly after witnessing disturbing visuals in the movie. While one user wrote: Walked out of The Joker. I couldn’t do it, another said he was "shaking and speechless" towards the end of the film. 



I've just walked out of the Joker. Maybe I was naive in going/didn't realize what an origin story would be like, maybe because I live with someone with MH [mental health], it was just far too dark for me to be able to watch, wrote another Twitter user.



An entire family walked out of joker last night after the joker first killed someone, added another. If joker makes me uncomfortable then the movie was made right. I hope it makes me uncomfortable. I hope it leaves me questioning everything about this film. I want to be speechless walking out of the movie theater tonight, wrote another.



Since the release of the movie on October 2 in the US, there has been an abundance of reviews with some applauding the very crux of the movie and others condemning it for being too dark and overhyped.

The gravity of the movie either pulls one in or pulls them apart thus leading extremely conflicting opinions and reactions of the viewers. Either way, one thing's for sure, it's only a great work of art that can evoke strong emotions either for or against it.



Despite the character sketch being a fragment of one's imagination, the police department has carefully kept an eye on the theatres since its release as they feared that the movie might trigger copycat crimes.

This comes after a gunman, James Holmes shot at a Colorado theater screening The Dark Knight Rises screening in 2012. Dressed as the villain of the famous comic books, Holmes killed 12 and injured 70 others. 



Even the Los Angeles Police Depart issued a statement after Joker released in LA, reports The Sun. "The Los Angeles Police Department is aware of public concerns and the historical significance associated with the premiere of Joker. While there are no credible threats in the Los Angeles area, the department will maintain high visibility around theatres when it opens," read the statement. 


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