People Are Wearing Jewelry Made From Their Dead Loved One's Teeth, Hair And Bones

People Are Wearing Jewelry Made From Their Dead Loved One's Teeth, Hair And Bones

The aim is to memorialize relatives and close family members who have passed away. Apart from teeth, people are also using hair, bones and even blood to make jewelry.

When people pass away, there are a number of ways to remember them by, but this particular one may not be for the faint-hearted.  You can now make jewelry from your loved one's teeth. Yes, you read that right. It has become a trend of sorts and surprisingly has takers for it. Tracie Fey Zeimba from Pennsylvania specializes in this rather weird art. In a recent post on Facebook, she shared a number of pictures of different kinds of jewelry made of different sets of teeth. A premolar is used in a ring and replaces the traditional gemstone. Incisors are used in a necklace. Ziemba's imagination surely seems to be running wild and people are taking notice. 



She wrote in her post, Now you can have beautiful jewelry made, from a loved one’s teeth. What better way to remember the dearly departed. Since being shared on July 9, the post has been shared 12,000 times, liked 1,000 times and has over 230 comments ranging from utter shock, disgust to others calling it a "great idea" and something that is quite unique.  Pete Welsh commented on Zeimba's post about how he was not at all impressed. He wrote: People r soooo dam stupid man. Worlds gone nuts.





Another person, Graham Flint tried to give Zeimba a different idea and wrote: Could make dentures into a nice necklace. Cat Woo could not believe what she just read and stated: What in the blue blazes is this 😮what’s next sweaters made from a loved ones hair how do you get the teeth ugh no just no. Another person, Nancy Allison felt disgusted with even the idea: Yucko, that's like all that gross stuff they made out of hair at the turn of the century!


Ziemba is however not the only one who has thought of the idea. In fact, people are creating jewelry with much more than just teeth of loved ones. Take for instance, Jacqui, an artist in Melbourne, Australia, has made a career out of selling jewelry made from teeth and has even opened up her own studio specializing in the art.  The 27-year-old runs the Grave Metallum Jewellery and collects not only teeth to make her jewelry but other parts from the deceased, whether human or animal, like hair, fur and bones, and turns them into works of art her customers can wear forever.



She says there is nothing that makes her happier than helping to memorialize the dead according to news.com.au. Jacqui had always loved creating jewelry but she decided to experiment with the nontraditional stuff in her art when her best friend died all of a sudden. "Creating something elegant with the macabre was my new obsession. While dealing with the grief of my loss, my fascination with death and how we deal with death grew," she said. 



She has been called "Ted Bundy’s Jeweller", a "serial killer" and even a "grave robber" but the 27-year-old is not fazed. Then there's Sam Small, 34, from Auckland, whose materials for her jewelry designs are even more bizarre. She uses breast milk, ashes, pet's teeth, fingerprints, umbilical cords, and even blood to make her pieces of art reports NZ Herald. Small has been making "DNA keepsake jewelry" for over two years now. She said, "When a pet passes away it's such a tragedy, it's like losing a family member. I get a lot of really grieving people who want pets in pieces of jewelry."


Small is originally from England and studied 3D design before moving to New Zealand with her husband. "Sadly sometimes I get baby blankets or hair from children that have passed away. I don't charge for those, I can't take money off grieving parents," she added. 

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