Alex Trebek Says His Wife's Unwavering Love Helped Him Fight Stage 4 Cancer As He Turns 79

Alex Trebek Says His Wife's Unwavering Love Helped Him Fight Stage 4 Cancer As He Turns 79

Trebek who had revealed he was suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer shared the good news of his tumors shrinking in an interview. He said his wife cried when she heard the good news.

One of the most popular and longest-running shows is Jeopardy and who can forget its beloved host: Alex Trebek. Ever since Trebek announced he was suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer, a lot has happened in his life. Besides dealing with the cancer treatment and its toll on his physical health, Trebek also recently revealed that he was suffering from depression. Through all of this struggle, his 54-year-old wife Jean Currivan has stood by him through thick and thin. The two have been married for 29 years.




But there was a reason to celebrate.  Together, they cried tears of joy when they found out that Trebek's tumors were shrinking and he was responding to the treatment well.  Besides the treatment, the unconditional and unwavering emotional support by his wife also contributed to him making a recovery.  The family recently celebrated Trebek's 79th birthday on July 22.  It hasn't been easy of course.  Several rounds of chemotherapy and other procedures had taken a toll on his physical and emotional health.



Trebek was a shadow of himself during the treatment with some very visible signs. Trebek had lost both his hair and his sense of taste. In an interview with People, he said, "Jeannie is wonderful. She cried of course this morning when she got the (good) news (about my tumors shrinking). But it’s been a lot. It’s a lot of pressure. My heart goes out to caregivers."



He added, "Because they have to deal with their loved ones suffering and they also don’t always know how to help because there’s not much they can do, except try to make you feel more comfortable, at ease and not worry about ordinary stuff."  Speaking about his depression and the shoulder to lean on by his wife throughout the grueling time that led to his recovery, Trebek said, "They’ve also got to be strong and not allow their mate not to feel like they’re downhearted too."



It was not only his wife who was with him throughout his fight. Their two children — Matthew, 28, a restaurateur in New York, and Emily, 25, who works in real estate in Los Angeles — have also been a constant support. He said their positive messages and surety of him beating the disease was something that greatly encouraged him and made him look at each day as a fight. No wonder then with such a support system, Trebek is on his way to beat cancer. 





He said, "They look at me as Mr Strong. They think, if anybody’s going to beat this, dad will. They’re very positive, and until I demonstrate otherwise, they’re going to continue in that vein.” Besides his family, Trebek also said he was grateful for the support of his well-wishers and his fans. In a video he shared earlier revealing he was diagnosed with the cancer, Trebek stated that, "with the love and support of my family and friends, and with the help of your prayers also, I plan to beat the low survival rate statistics for this disease."



The official Jeopardy Twitter account also shared a message of appreciation for all the well wishers, and wrote: The outpouring of good wishes and support in response to Alex’s recent health news has been humbling and overwhelming.



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