These Aromatic Sea Creature Tea Bags Come Alive In Your Cup

These Aromatic Sea Creature Tea Bags Come Alive In Your Cup

These original tea bags include jellyfish, octopus, isopods and literally make your teacup look like a living ocean.

Tea is the most popular drink in Japan and is an important part of their culture. You can find it pretty much everywhere, and often it is served for free at restaurants, just like water. But the style in which tea bags are made (not just in Japan, but all over the world) have been quite standard and ordinary since people can remember. But this Japanese company decided to switch things up a bit and my goodness did they make it work! 



Ocean Teabag took a different approach to the classic tea bag design and came up with a series of unique sea (land too) animal-shaped tea bags that will make your warm cup of tea look like an ocean. The brand has joined forces with a cool shop-cum-bookstore called Village Vanguard in order to make a range of teabags that resemble animals. Some of the animals in their original collection include jellyfish, octopus, isopods, and tanuki. Also, taking a closer look at the tea bag, one finds a really good match to the miniature versions of these animals. 



When you dip these tea bags into the cup, they literally look like tiny sea creatures swimming in your tea. While the sight of a little squiggling creature in your tea may make some people uneasy, the practice of eating live animals is still done in many parts of East Asia (Japan included). Still, these teabags, which definitely do not contain any live animals make for some pretty cool videos.  And, for all you know, you might even fool an unsuspecting person into thinking there's an actual octopus in their cup just for laughs! 



The prices of these tea bags are not as economical as you might want it to be, but are worth it. The bags cost 1,820 Yen, which is close to $16. In an interview with Bored Panda, the creators of the company said they started 3 years ago and their first design was a dolphin tea bag that later grew into more unique designs. Currently, the team consists of 10 people, but it seems with the popularity they are gaining, they might need to grow soon.



The Ocean Teabag online shop currently has over 50 different types of animal-shaped teabags in stock, and the squid and octopus-shaped bags tea bags seem to be bestsellers. There are also other adorable options such as a penguin-shaped tea bag that is filled with Chamomile tea. The Ocean Teabags team also planned to grow by creating moving as well as glowing tea bags in the future.



 Tea drinking is part of Japanese culture. In fact, the practice dates back many centuries. Tea became a drink of the religious classes in Japan when Japanese priests and envoys sent to China to learn about its culture brought tea to Japan. Sencha is the most common variety of Japanese green tea and it is the tea that a guest is most likely to be served when visiting a Japanese home.


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