Jackie Kennedy's Pink Suit Worn 56 Yrs Ago During JFK's Assassination Locked Away Until Year 2103

Jackie Kennedy's Pink Suit Worn 56 Yrs Ago During JFK's Assassination Locked Away Until Year 2103

The suit is kept in a “secure area, under climate-controlled conditions, and stored flat in special containers for preservation purposes,” according to the National Archives.

Jackie Kennedy’s pink suit, first shown in Coco Chanel’s 1961 fall/winter collection, maybe seen next only in 2103, or perhaps never. While the suit may be stylish it is a horrific reminder of the day former FLOTUS lost her husband when he was fatally shot on Nov. 22, 1963. Mrs. Kennedy continued to wear the blood-stained suit until the early hours of the next morning after the terrible incident. Refusing to take it off, despite constantly being told to, she strongly opposed it saying, “Let them see what they’ve done.”


The National Archives confirms to PEOPLE that Mrs. Kennedy’s double-breasted wool suit won't be available at least until 2103, depending on the Kennedy family's wishes. The “watermelon pink” or “raspberry pink” suit was donated by Caroline Kennedy, now 61, back in 2003. But she requested that it not be available to be viewed by the public to avoid dishonor to the memory of her parents or “cause any grief or suffering to members of their family,” according to a deed given to the National Archives along with the donation. The suit is currently in a custom-made, acid-free box with temperature and humidity control at the National Archives and Records Administration’s College Park facility in Maryland.



The suit is believed to be one of President Kennedy’s favorites in his wife's collection. The former First Lady has often been in the spotlight for her great taste in clothes and style statements. “Mrs. Kennedy was that magic that you cannot explain,” fashion designer Manolo Blahnik previously told PEOPLE. “She typified America — just shining, full of optimism and intelligence.” While many believe it to be a Chanel suit, it was actually a line-for-line copy from a New York shop Chez Ninon. This was approved by Chanel in France. The outfit also includes a pink pillbox hat, white gloves, a navy collar, and gold buttons.


Natalie Portman who played  JFK's widow in the film Jackie told the Irish Times, “She was intensely aware of her different selves. She had a persona that she presented to the public that was very different from who she really was privately. And she was further splintered by different roles she took on. All the people in her life – her husband, her children, her best friend, her priest – all knew different versions of her.” She added, “It was very hard to sort the quality biographies from the pulpy ones. I made sure that I kept reading through the filming because it kept me in the right mindset. It helped to continuously give me new ideas. I was consistently impressed by her intellect and her wit. But I stopped as soon as the film was over. If I didn’t, I could have gone on forever.”


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