Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Mom Every Year

Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Mom Every Year

JUST for that smile on her face, you ought to go on a trip with her, because is there anything that can beat that? 

Some of us may not have had the easiest of relationships with our mother while growing up. But, all of that changes when we move away from our homes and start adulting. We miss them, and we want to spend more time with them. You complain to your mom about the stressful job you have and she listens to it, patiently. Have you ever wondered if she's stressed out at home? She'd never tell. Remember how, as a child, you always gave your mom a handmade card or something else you thought was worth gifting? It may or may not have been of use to your mother, but she always cherished them because it was made out of love.  As a grown-up, when we gift our mom something, we put in a lot more thought to the gift we give them, but maybe it's time to think about what you give her.


The best gift you can give your mom is an annual trip with her. Sure, you've got your own group of friends and your favorite cousins that you go on trips with, but, be it a quick weekend getaway to a nearby destination or a full-blown holiday trip, there are some benefits to it. Also, even though this is the BEST gift you can give your mom, this is also the best gift you can give yourself! Here are seven reasons why you need to go on that trip, now!

1. It gives you a chance to catch up


You are busy in a new city with new people. Your daily calls automatically reduce to weekly calls and then it becomes a once in a blue moon call where you quickly exchange pleasantries, catch up on what's happening, and then hang up because you have to get back to your life. Going on a trip together means you have to spend a lot of time with your mother, which gives both of you a chance to catch up on each other's lives. 

2. You get to know each other better


When you spend a few days together, you might break out of the mother-daughter bond. Chances are, you'll see a fun side of your mom you probably never had a chance to see because she was always taking care of you, your father, and your siblings. A trip sure does help you form a bond with your mother, probably one you never thought you'd have. It's worth the trip, isn't it?

3. You could realize your mom's the best travel partner


Going with your friends means going dutch. From food to accommodation, to travel. Basically, for everything. Sure, you'd want to shell out money when you're with your mom, but you know there's something sweet when your mom says, "Baby, it's on me." Also, you and your mom are bound to have a few similar tastes, so you'd want to do those things, like shop till you drop or go bar-hopping. It's up to you!

4. It gets both of you out of your comfort zone


You probably never, in your wildest dreams, imagined going on a trip with your mom, did you? You thought you wouldn't be able to have fun on the trip because you'd be going with your MOM, but you'd be surprised at the way your mom can let loose. Discovering new sides of each other and getting out of your comfort zone to take the risk is going to be worth it when you have the time of your life on the trip with your mom!

5. You can both cross things off your bucket list


Just like you, your mom also probably has a lot of things in her bucket list. Before you plan a trip to any random destination, spend some time with her and ask her if there's anything she would really like to do. Then talk about the things you want to do. I mean, it's not going to be that hard to find a place where you can both do the things you want to, right? Crossing something off your bucket list with your mother deserves a place on your bucket list!

6. You both make a lot of fun memories


Unlike your expectations, this trip is going to be a lot of fun and you will definitely make a lot of memories with your mom, ones that you will cherish for your entire lifetime, and those social media posts expressing your gratitude will not be enough to make up for it.  You definitely did not expect it to be this awesome, and now that you know just how amazing it is to travel with your mom, maybe this should become an annual thing, just so you can stock up on those memories.

7. It is the BEST gift your mom could ask for


There is nothing better your mom could ask for than your time. She deserves every bit of it. It makes all the difference in the world when you choose to spend time with her and make it special. Making memories and crossing things off your bucket list with your mother makes her feel amazing and special and she will be on that high for a very long time. JUST for that smile on her face, you ought to go on a trip with her, because is there anything that can beat that? 

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