It's Official: 'P.S. I Love You' Is Getting A Sequel After 13 Years

It's Official: 'P.S. I Love You' Is Getting A Sequel After 13 Years

Author Cecelia Ahern revealed that while there is no director or screenwriter just yet, the movie is happening, and Hilary Swank will reprise her role.

Source: IMDb

If there's one movie that always makes people cry, irrespective of how many times they've seen it, it's P.S. I Love You. It seemed like we were right there with Holly (Hilary Swank) when she mourned the loss of her husband, Gerry (Gerard Butler) in the movie.  It came out in 2007 and was a huge box office hit as it raked in $156 million worldwide, reports Daily Mail. Lisa Kudrow, Kathy Bates, Gina Gershon, Harry Connick Jr., and Jeffrey Dean Morgan were also a part of the cast. In the movie, Swank plays the role of a widow named Holly Kennedy, who is left with a series of letters from her late husband Gerry, who hoped it would help her cope with the loss. We needed something to cope with the loss, too. The movie came out 13 years ago, and we haven't seen anything like that since. 



However, it's time to rejoice because there finally seems to be good news. The movie that made us laugh, cry, and go on Holly's journey together is now getting a sequel and it's titled Postscript. In an Entertainment Weekly exclusive, it was reported that Cecelia Ahern's new book with the same name will hit the shelves in the US by April 2020.  The synopsis for Postscript reads: "When Holly Kennedy is approached by a group calling themselves the PS, I Love You Club, her safe existence is turned on its head."



"Inspired by hearing about her late husband Gerry’s letters, the club wants Holly to help them with their own parting messages for their loved ones to discover after they’re gone. Holly is sure of one thing – no way is she being dragged back to the grief she has left behind. It’s taken seven years to reinvent herself, and she’s ready to move on with her life. But Holly comes to realize that when you love someone, there’s always one more thing to say..."



In a statement, Ahern said, "It’s been fifteen years since I wrote my debut novel and I relished the challenge of revisiting the world of Holly seven years after her husband’s death. A deeply emotional project for me, Postscript is the PS to my PS and while it is a sequel, it is also a story that stands alone about living a purposeful life in the face of illness, grief, and loss. I hope that new readers and PS, I Love You fans alike will embrace Holly’s new journey."

The author also confirmed Swank will take on her role as Holly, reports Irish Central. "There will be a ‘Postscript movie,’" Ahern told RTÉ. "One of the first people to email me when she heard the news was Hilary Swank. She was so excited, she wanted to read the book and she said 'I would love to support you in any way, shape or form'. Then she read the book and she said 'I want to make this movie'. It felt like a lovely reunion everyone back together again, now we don't have a director or a screenwriter or any of that, nothing's been announced yet, but the movie's happening! I'm delighted." 




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