Insta Blogger Cries Over The Thought Of 9-5 Job After Account With 113,000 Followers Is Deleted

Insta Blogger Cries Over The Thought Of 9-5 Job After Account With 113,000 Followers Is Deleted

Social media can give you a false sense of intimacy and familiarity depending on the number of followers you have. This blogger got the rude shock of her life when her account was deleted because it was reported to be spam, and didn't know what to do thereafter, and felt "worthless".

Social media has taken over our lives and if that's not enough for you to believe it, then this woman's story might make you a believer. According to Daily Mail, Jessy Taylor is, I mean, was a successful social media star who had over 13,000 followers. Somehow, her account was deleted and she took to YouTube to share her story of how she was editing when she realized her Instagram had been deleted. She spoke, quite tearfully, about how she did not know what to do and that a 9-5 job was just not cut out for her. She said, "Hi guys, I'm in the middle of editing and my Instagram got deleted."


"I'm trying to get it back, I'm calling everybody I can and I don't know why it's not working out for me. I'm nothing without my following, I am nothing without my following." She continued: "And when people try to hate on me or report me I'm literally trying to be a fucking better person. I want to say to everybody that's reporting me - think twice because you're ruining my life because I make all of my money online, all of it and I don't want to lose that." She did not specify how she makes her money from social media. 



"I know people like to see me be down and be like them and the ninety percenters - the people who work 9-5 - that is not me, I am in LA to not be like that. I've worked so fuck**g hard to get to where I'm at and for that to get taken from me is the worst feeling in the world," she sobbed. It was also not mentioned why her account was reported as spam or why it was even deleted in the first place. 



She then went on to explain how she started off her working career by becoming a sex worker, but now she's out of all that and now makes money online. She openly admitted she's someone with no skills to get into a job and that she's got a huge amount of debt like student loans. "I used to work at fucking McDonalds before I did YouTube, Instagram before I had 100,000 followers before I had everything in my life I was a fuck*** loser." 



She just had so much to say. "From the bottom of my heart it sucks. And the people who are laughing at this and plotting to get my account deleted, imagine if you were in my shoes. I was abandoned by my family, I've been backstabbed by everyone I know. Try to be in my shoes for once because I guarantee you, none of you would last in my shoes." She also added that she drove to San-Francisco in the hopes of getting her account verified. 



"Stop reporting me on Instagram. The last thing I want to be is a homeless prostitute in the f**king street doing meth. That is the last thing I want to do so stop trying to ruin my life for all the ice-decided trolls out there," she said.  She also said there's nothing wrong with working in McDonald's because she's worked there, but does not want to go back to that life. "I'm perfectly happy where I'm at. I have no job qualifications, I could never work a normal job," she added. 



"I'm worthless I bring nothing to the table, zero. I bring nothing to the table when it comes to that. I'm always going to fight the people. I always get kicked out of places. I'm not working material I will never be work material," she concluded while also sharing that she fears she'll end up "a homeless prostitute in the street doing meth." Even though this seemed like a heartfelt confession, not everyone seemed convinced about it and mocked her at her claims of not having any experience.   



Naturally, social media was abuzz with comments. A user called Namco Kid said, "I have no skills" Employers would love those words, let me tell you." Michael Crispo added,  "I'll have two number 9's, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45's, one with cheese, and a large soda." While Robert chimed in, "I'm gonna log into my Instagram account I haven't logged into in years just to report the new account." Omar wrote, "I'm going to assume you didn't TRY to pay off those loans when you were stunting for the Gram?"


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