24-Year-Old Man Spends Over $40,000 Just So He Can Look Like An Instagram Filter

24-Year-Old Man Spends Over $40,000 Just So He Can Look Like An Instagram Filter

Murphy, an influencer, who's had numerous cosmetic surgeries before notes he does so because he's not insecure about his looks, but rather he gets bored with his face and hence likes to mix things up.

Image Source: Instagram/levijedmurphy

Levi Jed Murphy, 24, is an influencer who pays a lot of attention to the way he looks and is more than willing to shell out some hard money to achieve the perfect face. He does this not because he's insecure or hates the way he looks but as a result of boredom. Therefore, he likes to mix things up, giving him something to appreciate about his face. According to The Sun, Murphy got his first procedure—lip fillers— when he was just 19. Since then, he's never looked back and has gone on to get fillers in his cheeks, chin, jaw, and under his eyes, as well as having a nose job, lip lift, a temple lift, and a cat eye lift. He's also had a teeth straightening procedure. "When I was nineteen I got my first syringe of lip filler. I ended up loving how it looked and went back like a month later and have kept on going back since," said Murphy. 



He added, "When I was twenty, I started getting cheek, jaw, and under-eye fillers, but I’ve lost count of how many. By then, I knew I wanted to have a nose job and a lip lift. It wasn’t because I was insecure or hated the way I looked, but because I get bored of my face easily and like to change up my look. I could happily live with the face I have now or even before surgery but I like to mix things up." Murphy, who left school at 16, came across a filter on Instagram and fell in love with it immediately. "Instagram put out a filter where it shows you what you would look like after having plastic surgery and I loved what I saw," he said.



He was so impressed with the result that he decided to get it done himself. "I worked out all the different procedures that were shown in the filter and then went about having them done." To pay for his surgery, he got himself a 9-5 job, but later left it to focus on the OnlyFans page he started with his boyfriend, Cameron Smith, 25. Soon enough, he made enough money to fund his surgery but admits to getting stuff done for free because of his followers. “Because of my popularity, I get it for free now by doing promos - so whenever my face is looking a bit flat I can go in and get it topped up for free which is a lifesaver."



"I love grabbing people’s attention - even with my surgery, I broadcast my recovery over social media to bring attention to me," Murphy proudly states adding that going under the knife is not an issue for him. "To me, it’s not a big deal. It’s like changing your wardrobe, but of course a little bit more extreme and painful." To recreate the look from the social media filter, Murphy decided to go to Turkey to get the procedure done."I did lots of research and ended up choosing to go to Turkey, as you can get the same procedures as here in the UK but for half the price. At this time, I had started my OnlyFans account with my boyfriend and was earning over ten times what I was working in retail. The money was absolutely crazy and allowed me to have all of the work that I wanted to get done."



Even though he went halfway across the world to get the face of his dreams, not everyone has been able to come to terms with the way he looks. Murphy admits to getting compared to the smiling mask from the film Purge, as well as Handsome Squidward’ from SpongeBob SquarePants besides trolls who leave hateful comments. Yet, that doesn't dent his confidence because he's developed a thick skin about it.



He revealed, "Honestly, I am so used to getting horrible comments, I don’t take anything to heart. Either good or bad. My mum and boyfriend completely support me in whatever I do and that is what’s important to me. I also get loads of people saying that I’m an inspiration or that I’ve helped them with their confidence which is cute." Murphy added that he's pro surgery, so if someone does ask him if they should go under the knife, he would recommend it. "I want people to be able to choose the lifestyle and the look that suits them above all else." But he's responsible for his advice. When teens reach out to him, he asks them to wait until they are older.  


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