In Yet Another Bizarre Trend People Are Using Lip Fillers To Get "Devil Lips", Doctors Issue Warning

In Yet Another Bizarre Trend People Are Using Lip Fillers To Get "Devil Lips", Doctors Issue Warning

While this viral and somewhat queasy-looking trend has gained some traction on social media, several makeup experts and doctors have issued a warning against it.

Some bizarre beauty trends that come and go are clearly subjective, as they leave us wondering how it became viral in the first place. Now, we have another. After bizarre beauty trends like nose hair extensions and viral hacks like superglue lips, we now have this monstrosity—Devil Lips. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. These lips shaped in a devilish manner, that are sure to give you the creeps marring the holiday season, are thought to have originated in Russia. 


In this latest cosmetic sensation, women use lip fillers to give their lips devilish-looking wavy pouts and then customize it further with lipstick to finish the look. At one glance, you might think it's photoshopped—I, for one, cannot fathom why anyone would do this to themselves! This semi-permanent procedure involves injecting filler into the outer lip to create an extra wave or two, which is definitely unusual than your regular lips. However, it seems like this weird procedure has found its way to the realm of innovative fashion and people are happily following it. 


Such strange styles often attract intense medical scrutiny, and this time doctors in Britain have issued a warning about this dangerous and "unnatural" beauty style.  Speaking to Daily Mail, a London-based cosmetic dentist and facial aesthetician Dr. Krystyna said, "You cannot change the anatomical shape of the lips like this. You can sharpen and contour by enhancing the vermillion border, but these 'devil lips' are unnatural. Filler injected inappropriately could end up in blood vessels, causing blockages and leading to necrosis (death) of the tissue. The vessels are around the lips, so using filler inappropriately is what can cause this."


With many beauty enthusiasts eager to get on this latest fashion bandwagon, some have chosen to use a creative and not-so-long lasting method- makeup. Instead of altering their lips physically, they depended on the magic of makeup and of course photoshop. Now, the reactions to this Devil Lips trend have been quite mixed with some claiming the style to be "absolutely hideous" and others confessing they wouldn't mind trying it themselves!







Singer and TV presenter Rochelle Humes admitted that this trend is definitely "scary." But another notable makeup artist took to social media to encourage others to try it out. "Try applying for a job with lips like that," they said. However, Nilam Holmes, a beauty guru and Dermaspa founder, shared a post on Instagram stating that this trend was "wrong on all levels." 







"It looks unnatural and ridiculous. The clue is in the title really .. it is unnecessary disfigurement! Whether it is tattooing and/or filler .. it looks terrible. I thought it was photoshop and a joke for Halloween when I first saw it but apparently not. Please don’t be naive and follow silly trends like this. You will not be able to reverse it easily and go back to your natural lips if at all. Your lip border will be distorted and it won’t wear off evenly so you will have frilly lips for years to come. There are 20 more reasons I can think of. No one should encourage clients or teach this to practitioners and enable them to disfigure someone else's face deliberately," added Holmes. 


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