In A Frightening Moment, Cruel Teenagers Force Cat Inside Microwave And Turn It On

In A Frightening Moment, Cruel Teenagers Force Cat Inside Microwave And Turn It On

The cruel incident that unfolded in France had two boys recording their unspeakable actions and uploading it on Snapchat.

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In a frightening moment, two boys forcibly put a helpless cat inside a microwave and turned it on. The cruel incident that unfolded in France created a frenzy and people were outraged at the vile act. According to a report by The Sun, the video was first uploaded on Snapchat by the two teens. On witnessing the horror, viewers uploaded screenshots of the footage and posted it on social media to make everyone aware of the brutality committed against the poor feline. 



The video which we have chosen not to share here shows the unapologetic boys laughing uncontrollably after placing the cat inside the device. The footage included a caption that read: "think I'm going to hell" along with many laughing face emojis. The animal could be seen whimpering and desperately pawing at the microwave door as the teenagers continue torturing it. Screenshots of the footage, which is believed to have been taken in Dunkirk, were shared by the Dunkirk Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA), which has been since removed after the youngsters removed death threats, reports Daily Mail



Providing an update on the cat's condition, the SPA wrote, according to The Sun: The SPA wants to reassure all those concerned about what has become of this little kitty. He's alive and fine. The video broadcast on Snapchat is an absolute horror, the poor kitten fighting all his strength screaming in pain. We will not put this video on our page, not to shock and reveal the faces of these two idiots even if they deserve it. We managed to get their names, their residence and of course, a complaint of abuse was made. However, after learning about the death threats, the SPA shared another post asking people to keep their calm.  



Know that much of this information is totally false! they wrote, according to Daily Mail. The address provided regarding one of the teenagers is absolutely not his own but that of a poor lady living alone and having nothing to do with this story! In addition, the families of teenagers receive threats too; these teenagers no longer live at home. We are not judges, no lawyers, no police ... Justice must and will do its job! Furthermore, the organization revealed that it had already found a new home for the cat and that a complaint against the teens was made for animal cruelty. The boys face up to two years in prison and a maximum of £25,500 in fine if found guilty, as that's the punishment animal cruelty carries in France, according to a report by La Peche.


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