If Your Man Does These 8 Things, It May Be A Sign He Doesn't Value You Anymore

If Your Man Does These 8 Things, It May Be A Sign He Doesn't Value You Anymore

What do you value the most? Is it love or respect? If your man doesn't respect you, it's a failed relationship.

They say love is blind, but it is also about understanding and respecting one another. But, when one is blinded by love, they are taken for granted by the other person. When your emotions rule your mind, you will do just about anything to keep your partner happy and this also means you sacrifice your happiness for them because they mean more to you. When this happens, repeatedly, you don't get the love or respect you deserve. At some point, you'll finally feel that you're not being treated right and that you deserve more, but that may or may not happen. Whatever it may be, if you see any of these eight signs, lest you fail to recognize it on your own, it means your man doesn't really value you and is just taking you for granted.

1. He makes you feel like you're not worthy

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When push comes to shove, he makes you feel like he's doing you a favor by being with you. By doing this, he instills a sense of worthlessness in you. This affects you on so many levels, and the often this keeps happening to you, the more you strongly believe that you're not worth it at all. Even in front of your friends and family, he constantly belittles you, but you keep justifying him by saying whatever he does is out of love.

2. He compares you to others

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You feel like you're being constantly compared to the other people in his life. Your choices in clothes and career and whatever it is that he has an opinion on, he compares it to other people. This, in turn, makes you wonder if you're making the right choices. This is not a one-off thing, This is something he does constantly, be it when you're out on a date with him or on a trip with your friends. He's always comparing you to others and this is something you should not have to put up with. 

3. He does not understand or respect your boundaries

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Everyone needs to have their own personal space. That is applicable to both the people in a relationship, be it you or him. It is something that just can't work one way. Do not let him have your phone or go through your messages if he doesn't reciprocate. Trust is a two-way street but suspicion is not. Learn to differentiate between the two because that's where we make a mistake. As women, we bend over backward just to keep the men in our lives happy. But, that's honestly not how it's supposed to be.

4. His weapon of choice is always guilt

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He is someone who will always gain pleasure out of your guilt. He will use your past against you to shame you and make you feel guilty about the choices you've made. He also knows how to win an argument, all he has to do is make sure he brings up your past so you feel ridden with guilt and give in to the argument, thus giving him the satisfaction of having the final say. A strong and loving man is someone who understands your past and refrains from using it against you.

5. He undermines you in front of others

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He takes great pleasure in making fun of you before his friends. Cracking jokes at your expense has now become his hobby of sorts because you don't retaliate to it. You're so afraid of hurting him, of angering him, that you just take it all in silence, hoping that this would be the last time he does so. But, the more you remain silent, the more it encourages him to keep cracking those jokes. Later on, in the relationship, the cracks you've ignored for so long will begin to show and there's no avoiding it.

6. He takes you for granted all the time

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He never asks for your opinions or takes your feelings into consideration. It's always his feelings and his issues that matter the most. Even if you're sad and upset, you have to pretend to be okay so that you don't ruin his day. If this happens once in a while, then maybe we can let it go. But when this occurs on a regular basis, this means he's only considering himself to be the important one in the relationship, and he's just taken you for granted.

7. Your anger and pain is always silly to him

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Since you've been taken for granted, your feelings are null to him? Feeling angry? You've got to deal it on your own and not show it to him because he doesn't care about how you feel. It's only his emotions that matter and none of your emotions mean anything to him. 

8. He makes you feel that your values and beliefs are wrong

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If you believe in something, but he doesn't, then he's going to make sure that you feel that your values and beliefs are wrong.  Just because he doesn't agree with it does not mean he's right. You are entitled to have your own opinion, just as much as he is, but he is no one to tell you that what you believe in is not right. 

There comes a point when you realize that you've been putting up with a lot just because you love the man. It's one thing to adjust and work around things, but a completely different scenario when you have to change yourself completely just for him to accept you. That is not love, and the sooner you realize it, the happier you'll end up being. 

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