11-Year-Old Texas Boy Dies Of Suspected Hypothermia After Power Outage At Home

11-Year-Old Texas Boy Dies Of Suspected Hypothermia After Power Outage At Home

Cristian Pavon Pineda was found unresponsive under a pile of blankets and died in his sleep.

Image Source: GoFundMe/Ayuda para Cristian pavon para enviar el cuerpo

This week winter storm Uri hit the southern states of the United States which were not accustomed to the severe climatic conditions. In addition to the continuous drop in temperature, the frigid air has interrupted services like electricity, heat, and even water for millions of families, making it harder for people to keep themselves warm. Unfortunately, this resulted in the loss of at least 47 lives, according to The Washington Post. An 11-year-old from Texas tragically became one of the victims of these harsh weather conditions that crippled the power grid.




The power went out in Cristian Pavon Pineda's mobile home on Monday and on Tuesday morning, the Conroe resident was found unresponsive under a pile of blankets. It is believed that the youngster died of hypothermia while he was sleeping beside his 3-year-old stepbrother. Speaking to Univision, the boy's mother Maria Elisa Pineda recalled that her son did not get up in the morning. Initially, she was not concerned as Cristian used to sleep for longer periods but was left shocked when she went to check on him. 



"He was already dead," revealed the heartbroken mom while speaking with The Houston Chronicle of her devastating loss. Maria shared that her son was playing outside the day before he passed away. Apparently, he was excited as it was his "first time" seeing snow since their arrival in the States from Honduras two years ago. "That's why he was excited outside," she said. "Everything was well. He was happy that day. He was not at all sick." Maria continued that her son played outside for no more than 30 minutes and that she brought him indoors when his winter gloves were soaked. 


The boy reportedly looked well when he was having dinner and he even played before going to bed by 11 p.m. The boy's aunt Jaliza Yera told KTRK that the boy was responsive in the middle of the night when his stepfather Manuel Moreno woke up to check on him. "He made sure they were okay," shared Yera. "They were still breathing. He covered them up, patted them, and went back to sleep." Unfortunately, he became unresponsive the following afternoon and his family began efforts to revive him before calling 911. "We still did CPR until the fire department came and they took over and within a minute they told us it was too late," the aunt said. 

They revealed that Cristian did not suffer from any underlying conditions and believed that it was the freezing cold weather that contributed to his untimely death. "By all other means, he was a normal, healthy child," said a spokesperson for the Conroe Police Department Sergeant Jeff Smith. The cause of death is yet to be revealed. A GoFundMe page was set up to help with the cost of transporting the boy's remains to his grandparents.



"Due to low temperatures seen in the Conroe area, this family went without electricity for two days. The early morning of February 16 dropped to 12 degrees. Cristian was found lifeless. We are trying to raise funds to be able to transfer the body to Honduras. His wish was to see his grandparents again and that is what the mother wants to fulfill, please help with whatever you can in order to hopefully be able to achieve this, God bless you," read the page which has already raised $52,960 surpassing its goal amount of $5,000 in just one day. 

Besides residents, animals too have been bearing the brunt of the deep freeze. We recently reported that many animals at the San Antonio Primarily Primates sanctuary sadly froze to death. Monkeys, lemurs, tropical birds, and a chimpanzee, were among some of the animals that died at the nonprofit San Antonio-area wildlife sanctuary after the power went out.

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