10 Things Your Husband Does That Hints Your Marriage Will Last a Lifetime

10 Things Your Husband Does That Hints Your Marriage Will Last a Lifetime

It takes two to make a marriage work, so find out if your man is doing the right things to ensure a long, happy marriage.

The phrase "till death do us part", the staple of every wedding vow, reveals the hope and faith we put in the institution of marriage. There's no telling what makes a marriage tick but there are tell-tale signs of a what constitutes a healthy relationship and what type of man is likely to make the journey worthwhile. If your man does these ten things, then you can bet on your marriage lasting a lifetime. 

1) He shares a deep friendship with you

Nothing’s a greater sign of a long-lasting relationship than a treasured friendship with your partner. When your husband has something to share, be it good or bad news, his first instinct is to reach out to you and share the news with you. He always thinks aloud with you before making a decision. No one gets you like he does. 

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2) Respects you as an individual

As human beings, we seek validation in our lives. A sign of a strong marriage is when your husband respects and value you as an individual. He treats you as an equal and celebrates your passion, hobbies, and career as much as he cares for his own. He shares chores with you, at home and outside, because he considers you his equal.

3) He keeps things spicy in the bedroom

The innate physical attraction between two individuals is primarily driven by sex so it’s great if he goes the extra mile to keep things spicy in the bedroom. A big part of his turn on is getting you excited at an opportunity of sex. He constantly expresses his love for you. 

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4) He respects your personal space

He will give you your space, both emotional and physical to help keep your marriage steady and running. Whenever your angry or sad, he picks up on cues on when to leave you alone and when to be there and lend an ear to your problems. That’s a sure-fire sign of a long healthy marriage. He gives you the space to express your opinion and weigh in on all matters concerning both of you.

5) You both have mutual and separate social circles

He is comfortable with sharing a social circle with you and is also ok with you having your own social circle outside of him. Jealousy is often the death of marriage so if he’s ok with you having male friends that’s a good sign of a healthy relationship.

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6) He accepts you for who you are

Your husband accepts you for who you are and loves your flaws, quirks, and idiosyncrasies. He embraces you as a person and is never exhorting you to change. Your husband doesn’t chide you for being yourself in front of others, especially his social circles, be it his family or friends. He celebrates your achievements just as much you do.

7) He understands the importance of communication

He is invested in your life and willing to listen and engage in things happening in your life. Fights are inevitable in any marriage but a healthy marriage is one where your husband is honest with you, fights fair and listens to your arguments. A great sign is when he is willing to talk things out with you and can handle constructive criticism.


8) He empathizes with you

Your husband pays attention to your problems and is capable of empathizing with you. You can always maintain a strong connection with your husband if he empathizes with matters that concern you. Good listeners tend to empathize with you.

9) He discusses money with you

They say money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it sure does go a long way in providing you with a comfortable life. A good sign of a healthy relationship is a man who is open to discussing money matters with you and sharing financial responsibility with you. It’s a healthy sign if you both take financial decisions after discussing it with each other.

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10) He finds joy in small gestures

Love and life are often in the details. From leaving a post-it note on the bathroom mirror, sharing your enthusiasm for the silliest jokes to whispering ‘I love you’ into your ear, when you least expect it, love is sparked by the smallest of gestures on a daily basis. He takes great joy in surprising you and making you laugh. 

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