Wife Replaces Husband's Pictures With A Puppy's In Every Family Photo To Hint At Getting A Dog

Wife Replaces Husband's Pictures With A Puppy's In Every Family Photo To Hint At Getting A Dog

Michael Leffler arrived home one day to find all his pictures replaced with that of a pup. This was his wife's idea of subtly planting the idea of getting a dog.

Here's a dilemma for all you dog lovers out there. Say, you find the love of your life but he/she doesn't really like the idea of owning a dog. What do you do? How do you convince them to get one? Seems like one wife found a rather creative and hilarious solution to her problem. According to The Dodo, Kathy Leffler has been patiently looking forward to growing her family by adopting a dog of there own. However, her loving husband, Michael, does not seem to share the same passion for furry little pooches. Determined to change her husband's mind, Kathy plotted the best plan anyone has heard of. 


After arguing with her husband for the umpteenth time, Kathy decided to subtly incept the idea of getting a furball into Michael's mind without her uttering a word. So, one fine day, after her husband left for word, she grabbed her scissors and replaced every picture of her husband with a photo of a cute little pup. Speaking to the outlet, Kathy said, "I thought it would be funny to replace my husband's face in all the photos throughout the house to get his attention."


She was indeed very thorough with her work. Hunting down every family photograph in every corner of the house, Kathy switched her dear husband's face with a pooch. She aimed at providing a subtle hint at the fact that the dog Kathy always wanted was indeed a part of her family. In fact, it was a part of her own husband. So, after having spent a hefty amount of time on plotting the perfect idea, the only question that remained was, "Will it convince her husband?" It was all up to Michael now. 

Source: The Dodo

Soon Michael arrived home and was greeted sweetly by his wife who pretended as if nothing had happened. As expected, he didn't notice the physically photoshopped pictures right away. "He didn’t notice the pictures right away," said Kathy. However, it was just a matter of time until he laid eyes on the masterpiece his wife had created and appeared to be very surprised. Nonetheless, he couldn't help but be delighted by Kathy's determination which made him burst out with laughter. 


Alyssa, the pair's daughter too provided a recollection of the incident to the outlet. "He couldn’t stop laughing that my mom had actually gone that far," she said remembering the incident. Alyssa, who too us eagerly looking forward to getting a dog of her own added, "My mom's very funny!" According to the outlet, her husband is yet to agree to her pro-pup plan, however, we are sure that her adorable idea might have nudged him in the right direction a little. Kathy seems to be determined to get a dog without wiping the smile off of her husband's face. "The pictures are actually still up," said Alyssa adding, "I’m hoping it works."


She doesn't fail to give Michael a friendly reminder every as she confessed that she hadn't taken down the pictures of the pup. With several people abandoning and brutally treating these amazing souls, it's nice to see someone going to such lengths in order to adopt one. We definitely need more Kathys in this world where people easily overlook the distressing conditions in which dogs and other pet animals survive. As for her husband, Michael, we hope he gives the idea of providing a home for a dog another whirl because any dog would be lucky to find a home with loving owners like Kathy and Alyssa.

Source: The Dodo


 People on Twitter did not shy away from cracking hilarious dog jokes. One user, @MichelleyM wrote: That must have been ruff. Another user, @dls2pac wrote: Omg absofuckinglutely hysterical, infinite kudos and blessings to this brilliant wife for her clever creative and extremely hysterical thinking, prayerfully your talent pays off. However, others felt that this idea was perfect for their ex. @alicemulle wrote: I think that was a very special thought for the EX.. LOL


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