This Flower Looks Like A Hummingbird And Is One Of Nature's Marvels!

This Flower Looks Like A Hummingbird And Is One Of Nature's Marvels!

After a Reddit user posted a photo of a flower whose petals look like hummingbirds, the internet went wild.

Reddit user – OctopusPrime recently took to one of the platform's threads about nature to post about a flower they found. To the casual observer, the flower's petals may have seemed generic and, well, normal. However, to the keen nature lover, the flower's petals looked very similar to a hummingbird. After the user posted a photo, the internet basically went wild. Some tried to figure out what the flowers were called while others focused their energies on figuring out why they looked so similar to hummingbirds. Though the answers were all found and discussed, ultimately, everyone came to the same conclusion: nature is pretty darn awesome.


Reddit user SolitaryBee let everyone know this type of flower is fittingly known as the "Hummingbird" Crotalaria. For all the nature geeks out there, it's officially or more formally known as Crotalaria cunninghamii, but it also goes by the names green birdflower or regal birdflower. The flower is indigenous to - ar at least found more commonly in -  inland northern Australia and was named after Allan Cunningham, a botanist from the 19th century.


Others, however, were more concerned with why the flower looks like a hummingbird. Ro_musha asked: Is this batesian mimicry or pareidolia? Any biologist to chime in? As the user explained: Pareidolia is [a] process [through] which our brains "recognize" something that is not really there, [for example], wind howling that sounds like speech, [a] tree that looks like [a] human or animal, [a] face on the moon. To this, IdaSpear clarified that it was actually a process known as a simulacrum.


The user further explained: A simulacrum is seeing shapes and forms that look like something that they're clearly not. In this case, it is the flowers looking like hummingbirds. Another example is a rock near where I live called 'Frog Rock'. From one direction it just looks like a big piece of rock but from the other it looks like a frog crouching. Another is snapdragon seeds. They look a lot like children potentially born of the Mukon's in the Abe's Oddworld game franchise. Welp, there you go - a simulacrum it is! No matter what this is called, they're pretty dang pretty, aren't they? Nature is so awesome.


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