A 'Human Mouth' Coin Purse Exists, And It Is As Creepy As It Sounds!

A 'Human Mouth' Coin Purse Exists, And It Is As Creepy As It Sounds!

The purse has details SO REAL that you will really have a hard time believing that it even exists in the first place. Would you use this purse?

Purses are a fashion statement. You carry your important things in it, like your money and DL and other necessities. So, when you find yourself in a bad situation, you usually put your money where your mouth usually is, right?  An artist has done just that and he's created a purse which has left the world divided into two groups: one wondering if they should be terrified of it, and the other wondering if they should consider it a joke. What has he created? A human mouth coin purse, detailed so beautifully, that it wouldn't seem unbelievable if you say you'd chopped it off a man and strung it with a chain. 


The realistic coin purse has a stubble and lips and for you to put a coin into the pouch,  you have to open the man's lips with your hands to insert the coin. How freaky is that? When you open the mouth, you'll see really life-like teeth that will make you wonder who was killed in order to put them in. The creepy purse that's been making people lose their mind has been made by a Japanese DJ and music producer who goes by the name Doooo.


DJ Doooo shared a video of his latest creation on Twitter and his post has gone absolutely viral. It took him about two months to create this bizarre accessory and when asked what he used to create the monstrosity, he said it is a 'secret.' The video he posted shows how he functions the purse. He opens it with his hand and then puts in a couple of coins before shutting the mouth. 


Other than the fact that it was all done manually, the features and the movements are all so natural that anyone would have a hard time believing that it was not real. One user said: If they're going to make something creepy like that, at least put a vibrating tongue in it. They will sell a lot more. Another added:  that coin purse that looks like a human chin/mouth is so HECKING CREEPY NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE


A third user said: it's like watching a trainwreck right. I can't look away. a dave one is too much for human comprehension. Someone else wanted to add a bit of a horror factor to it: Am I the only one that was waiting for the mouth to suddenly close and bite a finger off. Also. this seemed to make a lot of people uncomfortable and they were questioning the existence of this coin purse. Apart from, 'put your money where your mouth is', does it serve any other purpose, they asked.


While there are people who were amazed by this and could not wait to show it off, this is the perfect accessory if you want to make Halloween a grand event. He seems to have a connection with skin-like products because, for his first album cover, he made a human flesh covered MPC2000XL. After that, it was a realistic looking finger that doubled as a stamp, and like the purse, the finger was incredibly detailed as well. 


He doesn't really put any of his items on sale,  so all we can do is hope that he changes his mind and puts the mouth coin purse on sale soon, so we can get one for yourself and flaunt it. But, if you're into the finger prop, then you're prayers have been answered because they're apparently available on Etsy for just $13. Now, I know we don't have the purse, but the finger is a start!


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