'Game of Thrones' Actors Send Video Messages To Fulfil 88-Yr-Old Hospice Patient's Final Request Before Death

'Game of Thrones' Actors Send Video Messages To Fulfil 88-Yr-Old Hospice Patient's Final Request Before Death

All she wanted was to watch the Battle of Winterfell but the cast made sure to give something better than just that.

Game of Thrones sure has taken everyone's breath away with the latest season and no one wants to miss the ending, that's for sure. Everyone has a list of things they want to complete before they die - a bucket list. Once you start watching a show like Game of Thrones, surely that is added to the list as well. As reported by CNN, recently, cast members of the show not just fulfilled but surpassed the expectations of an 88-year-old fan who happens to be a hospice patient living in Providence, Rhode Island.


Clare Walton once joked around with her care team and told them that she would love to meet the cast of her favorite show before she passed away. Although the desire to meet the cast was real, the request was merely a joke since she knew that it was slightly far-fetched. It isn't easy to get in touch with the cast of the most popular TV series in the world, is it? Realizing this, she soon changed her request to just getting to watch the third episode of the eighth season ('Battle of Winterfell'). 


On Sunday, her wish came true as she finally got to watch the episode but that wasn't all. The episode released for everyone on Sunday and the whole world got to watch it. In order to make it special for her, the episode was accompanied by videos by 10 different cast members of the show. The cast members made the videos especially for her and needless to say, she was over the moon when she saw the videos. The characters part of the video were Syrio Forel, Ser Davos Seaworth, Pypar, Ser Meryn Trant,  a White Walker, Qhono, and more.


"How are you doing Claire? It's Liam here," said Liam Cunningham, the actor who plays the character of Ser Davos Seaworth. "I wish you the very best. I hope your days are not bad and I hope you can manage." All the actors send Walton their love and wished her the very best, praying for her good health and for her remaining days to be easy. The actors submitted selfie videos in plain clothes. They realized that they all might not be recognizable outside their costumes and makeup since almost all of them look so very different.


Staz Nair tried to describe himself. He played the role of Khaleesi's bodyguard Qhono. "Imagine a beard. A beard, long hair, and a horse," Nair said while laughing. I just want to say thank you for watching. Thank you for being a fan," he added. "And I want to wish you a very smooth transition. I wish you all the best." Miltos Yerolemou, a.k.a. Syrio Forel, who played the master sword-fighter and instructor hired by Eddard Stark to train Arya Stark in season one sent in a video as well.


Miltos hoped that the message made Walton smile and filled her with joy. "I know you can't be here today, but I just wanted to say hello and that you are with us in spirit and we are thinking of you and sending you all our love," he said. Even "Nasty old Ser Meryn Trant," as Ian Beattie described his character, had a message. "I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful episode three, the Battle of Winterfell," Ian Beattie said. "I hear it's going to be the best episode ever."


We can only imagine what all of this meant to Walton. She got much more than she asked for. If it were possible, the cast would have definitely tried to meet her and make that wish come true as well. The episode released on Sunday and was hands down one of the best episodes in entertainment history and one of the best on-screen battles of all time. Walton got to watch the episode and the videos on Sunday. She passed away on Monday evening, earlier this week.


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