Horrifying Clip Shows Unidentified Man Hurling Lit Firework At Homeless 66-Year-Old

Horrifying Clip Shows Unidentified Man Hurling Lit Firework At Homeless 66-Year-Old

The appalling incident reportedly unfolded in NYC's Harlem on Monday when the homeless man was asleep under his blanket on the street.

Image Source: Twitter/Chief Rodney Harrison

Trigger Warning: This story contains graphic details violence that readers may find disturbing.

A shocking video shows a helpless homeless man being attacked with a firework while he was sleeping on a New York street. The appalling incident reportedly unfolded in NYC's Harlem on Monday. Around 4 a.m. in the morning, cops were called to the scene after receiving a report from near 62 Lenox Ave (Malcolm X Boulevard) and West 113th Street, the 28th Precinct revealed in a statement. The disturbing video shows a man lighting explosives before throwing them in the direction of the 66-year-old man who was sleeping covered in a blanket. 


Initially, it's not clear that there's someone beneath the blanket as the video is quite blurry. As the crackers spark up someone can be seen moving suddenly. Soon the EMS was called to the scene and the elderly victim was rushed to St. Luke's Hospital. During a press released the New York Police Department (NYPD) shared that the homeless man had suffered minor burns and was in a stable condition as of Monday night. The identity of the culprits and their motives still remains unknown but the video does show a man throwing the firework as another heartlessly films it. 


According to Daily Mail, police officers said they were made aware of the heartbreaking footage after they had arrived at the scene. "A subsequent investigation has determined the existence of a video posted via social media that showed unknown male individuals throwing lit fireworks," said the NYPD in a statement on Monday night. They also revealed that no one was taken into custody on Monday night. The incident comes after another shocking incident where a California man set a homeless man on fire. Last year in September, a homeless man was sleeping inside a cardboard box when the suspect identified as 32-year-old Richards Smallets allegedly lit it on fire.


What's even more revolting is the fact that Smallets even took pictures of his deed. Per the police the homeless man woke up to the smell of smoke and was shocked to find the cardboard enclosure on fire and on September 25, the Glendale Police Department released a statement informing the public that the officials were alerted about the incident that took place near the Museum of Neon Art, at approximately 1:22 a.m. "Investigation revealed a homeless man was sleeping under cardboard boxes when he was awakened by the odor of smoke. He realized the cardboard was on fire and attempted to put out the flames with bottled water, but was unsuccessful," read the statement. 


The local Fire Department quickly arrived at the scene and was successful in putting out the fire. Upon investigating further the police found a surveillance video from a nearby business that showed a man purposely setting the cardboard encampment on fire before clicking pictures. "Later that afternoon, Glendale detectives responded to the scene and retrieved video surveillance from a nearby business that captured footage of a male intentionally lighting the cardboard on fire and then taking photos," revealed the police. Soon, they located Smallets and subsequently placed him under arrest. He was charged with arson and attempted murder for his sick actions. 


Although a motive is yet to be established, the police were able to arrest him on September 13 when he was less than 10 miles north of Los Angeles. Although Smallets plead not guilty all the evidence seemed to be pointing against him. Thus, when Glendale Police posted the details of the horrendous attack, people began slamming the culprit was his unspeakable actions. This homeless man is already down on his luck and you get someone like this who wants to make his life worse, its horrible how some people have such cold hearts these days. I hope the homeless man is ok. Smallets must feel like a big man messing with the less fortunate πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘, wrote one user.

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