Man Who Bit Kitten's Ear Off & Punched It Will Be Jailed For 12 Weeks

Man Who Bit Kitten's Ear Off & Punched It Will Be Jailed For 12 Weeks

The "self-confessed monster" reportedly bit his kitten's ear off. He added that he "lost count of how many times he punched" the tortured feline.

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Some people just don't deserve pets and 20-year-old Aaron James Williamson is one of them. The "self-confessed monster" reportedly bit his pet kitten's ear off. Williamson added that he "lost count of how many times he punched" the tortured feline, reports BBC. The poor kitten was subjected to so much torture, and it was all because Williamson was angry. He was then jailed for 12 weeks after a court heard of his sickening description of abuse against the kitten. He is also prohibited from having pets in the future. The cat, named Litten, has lost a chunk of his ear as a result of Williamson's anger. 


When Willaimson appeared at the Grimsby Magistrates Court, he admitted to one offense of causing unnecessary suffering to a kitten. The court also ordered him to pay £250 ($322) costs and a £120 ($155) victim surcharge. The maximum sentence for animal abusers in the U.K. is currently a 6-month-long sentence under the Animal Welfare Act and an unlimited fine. Williamson will most likely be given consideration, due to his early plea and his cooperation with the RSPCA during the investigation.


Litten was rescued from Williamson's home on September 11 by the RSPCA, along with two other kittens, after a witness reported the abuse to the animal welfare charity.  "Williamson tortured this kitten," said RSPCA inspector Kate Burris. "He admitted repeatedly biting Litten's ear, which resulted in the loss of most of it, and that he had lost count of the times he had punched Litten. He said he did it when he was angry. The district judge said his daily abuse of small, defenseless animals who were unable to harm him and were at his mercy was sickening. He said that Williamson had called himself a monster in interview, and that was accurate as to how he behaved."


Litten and the other two kittens that were rescued from Williamson's house have since been rehomed, reports Daily Mail. Litten, now called Oreo, and another cat found a home together in Derbyshire. His new family has said that he is now "fantastic" and is "absolutely adorable and really good-natured." "We are extremely grateful to the witnesses who contacted us and got these kittens out of this situation despite the position that put them in. It was very brave," added Burris. "I was surprised how friendly Litten was when I first met him given the abuse he had suffered, he was so affectionate and loving and was rubbing his face against mine during his veterinary examination."


"I just knew he was going to make a perfect addition to any family. I am so happy that he has found a fantastic new home, with people who love him and are caring for him in the way he always should have been cared for. It could have been a very different outcome for him if we hadn't been able to intervene when we did." However, there is now a bill to increase the maximum sentence for animal abusers from six months to five years. The bill is currently in the process of going through Parliament but stalled in the House of Commons due to the dissolution of Parliament in November. A new government has been formed after the elections in December, but an update on the bill is yet to be announced. 


Several people took to social media to share their thoughts on the incident. Jackie Monet wrote: He deserves more than 12 weeks. It's a well-known fact that people who abuse animals will, in all likelihood, move on to children. I've got two rescued cats and can't imagine ever wanting to hurt them. I might tell them off but I'd never lay a hand on them. Muriel Colebrook added: He treated this poor cat with the most inhuman attitude possible He was angry Beat the hell.out of the cat Bite its ear off Can the judge even understand what that poor cat went through and the pain he gave it 12 weeks is an insult to a living breathing animal that will never fully recover from what he did We are far too lenient in this country with sentencing Glad puss cat has a new home now.


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