Homeless Man Brutally Beaten To Death By 15-Year-Old Boy & 17-Year-Old Girl

Homeless Man Brutally Beaten To Death By 15-Year-Old Boy & 17-Year-Old Girl

The victim was identified as Bobby J. Hill Jr., 63, who was ruthlessly beaten in an alleyway in Camden. The teens have been arrested and charged.

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Trigger Warning: The story has descriptions of assault and murder that readers may find disturbing

In a shocking incident, two New Jersey teens were arrested and charged with the murder of a homeless man. The victim was identified as 63-year-old Bobby J. Hill Jr., who was ruthlessly beaten in an alleyway in Camden. Following a medical examination, it was discovered that the homeless man had died after suffering severe head trauma as a result of multiple injuries to his head. Authorities were first intimated about the incident when they received a call about a man being unresponsive on June 25, reports ABC News. It was midnight when the information was relayed to the police, revealed Jill S. Mayer, the Acting Camden County Prosecutor, and Joseph Wysocki, the Camden County Police Chief. His body was discovered in an alleyway near the 1100 block of Kaighn Avenue.


Mr. Hill was rushed to a nearby hospital after being discovered in the heartbreaking state but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries later. A week after his tragic murder, authorities were able to find a 15-year-old male and a 17-year-old female who was seen last with Hill before he was found severely injured. "Through the investigation, surveillance footage was discovered showing the teenagers entering the alleyway with Hill shortly before the crime happened. Several minutes later, they were filmed leaving the area without Hill," said Mayer and Wysocki in a statement. 


According to Daily Mail, detectives were able to retrieve video footage Hill's body from one of the teen's cellphones in addition to the video evidence of them leaving the location without Hill, said the prosecutors. Both the teens were quickly arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the homicide of the homeless man but the motive behind their brutal attack has not been disclosed. As the culprits were minors, the police did not reveal their identities and the investigation is still ongoing and court dates are yet to be announced for their trial. 


Homeless people have been the subjected to violence for long. Not long ago, a young man hurled a lit firecracker at a homeless man who was sleeping on a pavement in Harlem, New York. We had reported that cops arrived at the scene around 4 a.m. in the morning after receiving a report from near 62 Lenox Ave (Malcolm X Boulevard) and West 113th Street, the 28th Precinct revealed in a statement. The disturbing video shows a man lighting explosives before throwing them in the direction of the 66-year-old man who was sleeping covered in a blanket. The clip immediately went viral and caused widespread outrage after the culprit could be seen smiling sadistically while torturing the elderly man.


During a press release the New York Police Department (NYPD) shared that the homeless man had suffered minor burns and was in a stable condition. The identity of the culprits and their motives still remains unknown but the video does show a man throwing the firework as another heartlessly films it. Another incident was reported where a California man was seen setting a homeless man on fire and taking pictures of his revolting actions. The incident happened last year when a homeless man was sleeping inside a cardboard box. The Glendale Police Department revealed that the incident had taken place near the Museum of Neon Art, at approximately 1:22 a.m.


Thankfully, they were able to put out the fire and on investigating further they would a surveillance video from a nearby business that showed a man purposely setting the cardboard encampment on fire before clicking pictures. Later, the officers located Smallets and subsequently placed him under arrest. He was charged with arson and attempted murder for his sick actions.

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