A Luxury Hotel In Maldives Is Looking For Someone To Take Care Of Sea Turtles, All Expenses Paid

A Luxury Hotel In Maldives Is Looking For Someone To Take Care Of Sea Turtles, All Expenses Paid

While the internship itself won't be a paid one, all the other charges for your trip to Maldives will be paid for.

Calling an intern's life exciting is definitely pushing it. I mean, how interesting is it to push some buttons to make copies and running out to get coffee every now and then? Well, your perception of this mundane role is going to change once you hear about an interesting opportunity that a luxurious hotel in the Maldives has to offer. The Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu is looking for an intern who is willing to work in their Marine Turtle Rescue Centre for two weeks this August. 


The Marine Turtle Rescue Centre first opened its doors to help needy turtles in February 2017. This center was founded by the Olive Ridley Project which was started in 2013 by biologist Martin Stelfox.

Speaking about this partnered project with Coco Collection in Baa Atoll, Maldives Website states, "The first fully-equipped marine turtle rescue center in the Maldives has a laboratory, x-ray, ultrasound and full surgical facilities, as well as a full-time resident turtle veterinarian. The Rescue Centre can accommodate up to eight turtle patients at the time." It further adds, "In the first two years of operation we treated 68 turtles, out of which 30 have been released back into the sea."


While the internship itself won't be a paid one, all the other charges for your trip will be paid for. According to the Business Insider, all the expenses including the flights, accommodation, and food will be covered by the hotel. In essence, this would be a free vacation to Maldives which would otherwise cost you about £5,000 ($US6,300).

Not that bad, huh? Apart from all the perks that this job has to offer, it also grants you a once in a lifetime learning experience alongside Dr. Claire Petros, UK’s leading specialist turtle veterinary surgeons. Now that will look really good on your CV!


Now for the job itself, you would have to shoulder responsibilities like feeding the turtles on time and cleaning the tanks where they reside. You will also have the opportunity to witness surgeries and medical procedures performed by specialists.

If that wasn't enough, the Centre will also be allowing you to attend rescue missions to gather all the turtles who are in desperate need of help and assist others to release the rehabilitated turtles back into the ocean. Clearly, there's a lot of duties you have to perform in the best interest of the ocean's most amazing inhabitants but there's still a lot more the hotel has to offer.


The lucky intern will receive a complimentary sunset cruise, diving, dolphin-watching along with a guided group snorkeling trip in Baa Atoll, how exciting is that? Speaking about the food they will be serving the temporary employee, Coco Palm announced a free  Maldivian cuisine buffet which would include breakfast, lunch, and dinner at their very own Cowrie restaurant.

So, don't worry about shelling out your money for basic necessities because they have you covered. In addition to that, they will provide you a beautiful villa either over the sea or on the beach. Either way, you will be able to behold the mesmerizing view of this tropical paradise.


Your duties won't end with the turtle but will extend slightly to you being an informative guide (about the project) to guests who will be visiting. Attending presentations and posting updates on the project's progress on Instagram would be another portion of this job that I'm sure you can gladly handle.

If you're someone who loves luxurious holidays and believe in giving back to the society by looking after animals (especially turtles) then you should definitely check out their website.


All the details regarding this job are clearly stated in the Coco Collection Website. Also, the post requires the candidates to be over the age of 18 with an interest in the said field. The applicants will also have to submit 2-3 minute long video along with a 500-word cover letter convincing them why you would be the perfect person for the job and providing reasons which would compel them to hire you instantly. Try your luck!


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