High School Football Players Allegedly Lured Duck Out of Water Before Beating It To Death, Face No Charges

High School Football Players Allegedly Lured Duck Out of Water Before Beating It To Death, Face No Charges

Football players from Kennett High School allegedly lured a harmless duck out of the waters before used a broomstick to injure the poor thing.

A bunch of high school football players from New Hampshire is now under scrutiny after allegedly beating up a duck. According to the reports, their brutality was caught on camera when the students in question were attending a football camp last month. The heinous act of violence committed by the others forced another student to euthanize the bird in order to put it out of its misery says one of the officials. 


According to a report by PEOPLE, the football players from Kennett High School attended this camp from August 20-22. Here, they allegedly lured a harmless duck out of the waters of Lake Winnipesaukee’s Moultonborough Bay before using a broomstick to injure the poor thing's head. Unfortunately, for the students, the whole ordeal was recorded and uploaded onto the internet. Speaking to WMUR, Kevin Richard, Conway School District Superintendent, said, "The heinous activity of a duck being hit over the head with a broomstick is what ended up happening." 


"And then another student ended up euthanizing the duck. It was hurt pretty badly," he added explaining their monstrous behavior. After the despicable act went vital the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department and the local police joined forces to investigate this matter. And an official from Fish and Game informed the news outlet that these students would not be facing any charges, however, other forms of punishments were discussed with the school's officials. "These students are juveniles, so they cannot be charged with anything," explained Major David Walsh of Fish and Game.


"Their parents would be charged, and the fines are small. So suspensions and community service, everyone agreed, would be the effective punishment." Furthermore, an attorney representing Camp Winaukee, William Hoch, sent an email to the Sun which read: "Kennett High School leased the premises of Camp Winaukee, after our camp season concluded, to hold their school-sponsored training camp for their football team. The owners and management of Camp Winaukee had no involvement with the operations or supervision of the football camp or its attendees," it continued reading. 


Now, "cruelty to animals is a Misdemeanor with a fine up to $2000 and/or imprisonment
up to 1 year," in the state of New Hampshire, as per the Stray Pet Advocacy. And due to the same, the officials were condemned for letting the accused get out of this situation without facing any charges. However, the Fish and Game Department defended their course of action by issuing a statement on their Facebook page on Monday. It read: Regarding the situation with the children who killed a duck last week, the media were not originally aware of the entire situation.


The children involved did receive substantial consequences including community service involving working with animals. All issues raised with Fish and Game are being addressed. Fish and Game Law Enforcement feels the school acted swiftly and appropriately and worked with them from the beginning, it continued reading. Defending the student who killed the duck, Fish and Game Colonel Kevin Jordan explained that it was done out of "courage" in order to stop the cruel group from inflicting any more pain on the bird. 


"He felt he had no options but to strangle it to put it down because he didn’t want to see it suffer," Jorden added as per the Sun. As per a report by The Conway Daily Sun, Superintendent Kevin Richard and Kennett High School's Principal Kevin Carpenter were approached for a statement. "There was an incident looked at by the coaches and athletic director and dealt with by them in a swift and fair manner," said Richard who refused to identify the perpetrators. While Carpenter said, "We had an incident involving some members of the football team. We decided to cancel our participation in the jamboree. An investigation took place, the matter has been dealt with, and we are moving forward."



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