Hero Surgeon Completes 7 Procedures In A Row Before Falling Asleep On Operating Theater Floor

Hero Surgeon Completes 7 Procedures In A Row Before Falling Asleep On Operating Theater Floor

A Chinese surgeon went viral on the internet when a photo of him resting his eyes on the OT floor after nine hours of surgery was posted to social media.

A surgeon from China has shot to fame after performing seven surgeries in a row without taking a break, MSN reports. Dr. Dai Yu, the deputy director at the Orthopaedic Department of Longgang Central Hospital in Shenzhen, southern China went viral when a photo of him falling asleep on the floor of the operating theater started trending online. Despite his newly-found fame, he chooses to remain humble. In an interview with Chinese television station Longgang Channel, he claimed he was simply doing his duty.

Source: Twitter

The picture was taken and posted to the internet by one of his colleagues on Monday, August 26. By the end of the week, Dr. Dai was popular across the world for his heroic act. Individuals from all over the internet applauded his dedication and work ethic, appreciating his commitment to his patients. In response, the physician simply said that it was "his duty to provide the best care to his patients."


In an interview with the local media outlet, he informed viewers that he and his colleagues had been scheduled to perform 10 surgical operations on the day. It was only after the seventh operation that Dr. Dai could afford to take his break. Otherwise, his patients would not have received their treatments on time. He said that his medical team had started work at 8 am before they were able to take a break nine hours later at 5 pm. 


It was during this short break between procedures that the surgeon decided to sit on the floor and rest his eyes for 10 minutes as his anesthetist colleagues prepped for the next surgery. One of his other colleagues quickly snapped a photo, uploaded it to his social media profiles, and got back to work. Dr. Dai and his team didn't leave the operating theater until another four hours later, at 9 pm. Unsurprisingly, Chinese citizens expressed their deep appreciation for his commitment to his work.



One stated, "Salute. Thanks for your effort." Another added, "Chinese doctors are already the best! Well done." Another still, shared, "[I] was moved. [I want to] thank doctors for serving people." The surgeon merely claimed it was "his responsibility to give patients treatment as soon as possible to help them recover." In an even more commendable statement, he revealed that his goal was to "further improve his surgical skills and make his operations textbook examples for his peers." Kudos, Dr. Dai!


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