Hero Pet Parrot Shouts 'Fire' To Alert Sleeping Family About Deadly Blaze

Hero Pet Parrot Shouts 'Fire' To Alert Sleeping Family About Deadly Blaze

Although Louie's (the name of the parrot) warnings saved the family, the bird tragically didn't survive the ordeal.

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Parakeets are certainly known for the amount of noise they make. They are also known for their ability to imitate human speech. The Avial Learning Experiment has listed many such abilities after studying its subject, Alex, a grey parrot named after the experiment itself. Although, their astonishing ability could seem annoying at times, it does come in handy during critical situations. The recent instance features a pet parrot with a knack for the English language. Displaying his intelligence at the right time, Louie helped save the lives of a Tennessee family, reports PEOPLE.


During an interview with News agency Southwest News Service, owner Barbara Klien revealed how her family was fast asleep early one morning when a fire suddenly broke out. That's when Louie began squawking "fire," a word that none of the members had heard him say before. "He started squawking ‘fire.’ He had never said that word before in my recollection," explained Klien. This came as a surprise because parakeets, which are a type of parrot, often only mimic words they hear repeatedly in their surroundings, according to Slate


As expected, the bird's screeching warnings disturbed her husband's, their 6-year-old daughter's and her sleep, and they woke up just in time to escape the flames. Hailing Louie a hero for saving their lives, Klien continued, "Louie is a true hero. If it weren’t for him I probably would have been sleeping during the fire." When this resident of Lebanon, Tennessee, woke up she was shocked to find her house engulfed in fire. "When I woke up, the fire was starting to spread across the living room floor," she added of the terrifying incident. 


Despite being able to escape, Klien revealed that her husband, Larry had to be hospitalized after suffering serious injuries. Attempting to retrieve items from their home, Larry entered the house which was set ablaze. First, he tried to put out the fire with water and after his unsuccessful attempts, he entered the house once again to save the animals that were close to his heart. "He ran to the kitchen and was trying to put the fire out with water," she recalled. "After we left, he ran back into the house to try to save our puppies and his grandfather’s guitar."

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Soon, Larry found it difficult to breathe and Klien jumped into action to rescue him. "He kept saying he couldn’t breathe and I was shouting at him to leave the house. I told him to get down and he crawled out. I pulled him out of the fire. Then we got in the car and drove out of the driveway," she continued. Klein considers it a “miracle” for Larry to have survived, as he had "burned his hands, face and nose and they had to clean his lungs out," and had to be "put into a coma."


Thankfully, he was released from the hospital just in time for his grand daughter's birthday. Although the family managed to escape the deadly fire, Louie sadly did not, reports New York Post. The parrot tragically died in the blaze along with the family's other pet dogs. Currently, the Kleins are trying to get back on their feet and thanks to a good samaritan, they have a place to stay while they look for a new home. "People have reached out with clothing and someone donated an apartment for three months," she shared. Following the heartbreaking death of their parakeet, the owners of their temporary residence decided to gift them a new baby parrot to call their own. "The man who donated the apartment also gave us a baby parrot as well. We call him Louie Jr." she said fondly. 

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