Hero Pitbull Fights Off 6-foot 100-pound Shark And Saves Fisherman Owner At Bodega Bay

Hero Pitbull Fights Off 6-foot 100-pound Shark And Saves Fisherman Owner At Bodega Bay

The 1-year-old pit bull named Darby came to the rescue of its owner James White when he was bitten on the leg by a massive shark.

Pitbulls are loyal to their owners - Your Pitbull will be you and your family's best friend from the day you take them home to the day they pass away. They will be naturally protective of their family and their property, but because Pitbulls are so people-orientated they do make good guard dogs.

A 1-year-old Pitbull in California demonstrated just that when he came to the rescue of his owner James White after he was bitten on the leg by a shark near the shore at Bodega Bay in Sonoma County.


The horrifying incident happened on a warm summer day last month when James White, of Rohnert Park, California, was fishing from the shore at Bodega Bay in Sonoma County, NBC Bay Area reported.

“It was about 10 minutes. The only way I think I was able to get the line back is because it was swimming towards me,” said White. The owner, however, was not expecting a 6-foot long seven gill. White, who realized he caught a shark wanted to remove the hook from it. But the shark fell on to the ground and unexpectedly bit White's angle. 


PEOPLE reported that White was desperately attempting to remove the hook from the shark’s mouth before it quickly sank its teeth into his ankle. According to White, it wasn’t until the creature got into shallow water that he realized that he had caught a 6-foot long sevengill shark.

Within seconds, White recalled that “There was blood everywhere.” “The first bite punctured an artery,” he told NBC. “The pressure was intense.” He then immediately began to cry out for help. There were some nearby fishermen whose attention he was trying to attract, but when all seemed lost, the savior pooch arrived right on time.


The brave dog, who heard his master struggling to save himself from the deadly predator, had managed to get out of the car. The pooch had somehow opened the car door and ran down to his owner. He first attempted to get the shark off of White by biting into the shark’s gills. However, that didn’t work as it caused the animal to sink its teeth deeper into White’s ankle. The dog then launched at the shark and bit into its gills, which made it worse for White. "And I told him, ‘No back off’ and then [Darby] repositioned and grabbed it by the tail. He literally ran up the hill with it and pulled it off my leg," said the owner. 


White, who was relieved to have the deadly predator away from his body, threw the shark back into the water. He could not imagine what would have happened if it was not for his dog. He said he is proud of Darby and believes he saved his leg from further damage. However, he says he was not aware of his little dog was capable of such a thing until the incident occurred. After the incident, he told the outlet that his love for the pooch got stronger.


“He’s been a part of the family from day one. Just now a little more. If it wasn’t for him I would have been a lot worse,” White told the outlet. White also explained Darby’s heroic act has been dubbed a “fish tale.” “The first time I told somebody this, they were like, ‘You’re out of your mind, there’s no way that happened,'” White told NBC Bay Area. “Then I showed him the pictures and I’m like, ‘No, it absolutely happened,'” White added of his brutal scars.

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