Sleeping With Your Fan On Is Actually Bad For Your Health, According To Science

Sleeping With Your Fan On Is Actually Bad For Your Health, According To Science

Here are various reasons, scientific and otherwise, on why sleeping with your fan on could be seriously damaging your health.

Sleeping at night is sometimes difficult. Some people find it really hard to sleep without a cool and lulling environment.  For most people living in the tropics, it's almost impossible to imagine daily life without certain appliances and gadgets, especially the fan. Be it a ceiling, table or wall-hung, the fan is one of the most fundamental necessities in any home, office or building.

Summers in South Asia and Africa especially are harsh and there are millions of people who protect themselves from dehydration and fatigue thanks to the constant cycling of air brought by fans and air conditioners alike. 



A lot of people love running a fan during their sleep because the fan helps in making them sleep better. And other people love hearing the fan's sound because it distracts them from the sound of the night which some people may find eerie or sinister. 

Some recent headlines have made sleeping with a fan on sound downright dangerous. "Why Sleeping with Your Fan on Could Be Seriously Damaging Your Health," read one recent headline from a British media house. These reports have emerged of the general underlying notion that sleeping with the artificially-produced wind blasting in your face in a mechanistic cyclical emission is actually pretty bad for you - regardless of anyone's psychological feelings towards sleeping with or without a fan on. 



There are many reasons you should try to stop leaving your fan while you are sleeping. Your body could be greatly affected because of the fan's air. Fans can cause a lot of health problems that you have no idea about, although you may have experienced a few if you frequently leave the fan on and go to sleep.

Some people wake up the next morning feeling some of the symptoms that the fan's air causes. People with allergies and asthmas often wake up with an irritating sensation in their noses when they've had the fan directed right at their faces all night long. Their struggle is real as the symptoms double with their noses being extra sensitive to the dry air.



One other thing that a fan could cause is called a "Drying Effect", this means that people wake up in the morning feeling weary for no reason and also they will feel thirsty and dehydrated. Fans are also the reason some people have dry eyes and clogged noses. The fan's dry air is also known to be the reason nosebleeds in people who have a history with the condition. 



Another issue which is a little more obvious is that when the fan blows the air, it can contain dust, pollen or mold. These things go on to irritate the nose and cause difficulties in breathing, especially if there's an opened window. These allergens would result in making allergic people sneeze extensively and feel itchiness in their nostrils. 

This should help you think twice about leaving your fan on in general. There's nothing wrong in blasting one in your face when the day is hot and you've just got back home all sweaty and tired. But this is mostly an issue when it's left on all night long when we sleep. In any case, it's advised to direct the fan away from your face if you are someone who literally cannot do without a fan at night. 

Another solution to this is to use an air purifier in your room. This helps in getting rid of allergens caused by the fan's blown air. Also, one more important thing is constantly cleaning the fan's blades by a damp cloth to remove the dust which might be blown in the air when the fan is on. 



When this topic went viral, social media users had several controversial debates about it. Many people completely refused to turn off their fans at night, even after they knew what health problems it could cause. This is mainly because these people got used to it for more than 20 years!

Others feel like their fan is something really important and makes them feel safe at night. Some others also said they simply leave the fan on because they love hearing the sound it makes as they drift into a good night's sleep. In any case, it always helps to keep a glass or bottle of water next to your bed every night to drink in case you get dehydrated through your sleep. 

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