Discovery Zone Was The Ultimate Birthday Party Spot In The '90s And We Truly Miss It

Discovery Zone Was The Ultimate Birthday Party Spot In The '90s And We Truly Miss It

Kids these days will never know what it felt like to host a birthday party at the best place in the universe.

Image Source: Reddit(r/nostalgia)

This year has been the worst year of my life and being an adult, only adds to that. I honestly feel bad for kids these days, who have just so much to worry about. Being a kid in the '90s was truly the best thing ever. It was all about innovation, technology, and a LOT of fun. Remember those days we'd try to copy our celebrities when they'd flaunt a new fashion trend? Or when we had a great time with our friends because we'd all head outside to play on the streets? Also, how can we forget those extravagant birthday parties? Yes, Discovery Zone parties were all the rage back then, and I have some of my best memories with my friends there!



We never got tired of it, even though everyone in our circle always made it a point to celebrate their birthdays at a Discovery Zone, it was like our hub, our hangout spot. It made us feel hella cool to say we'd celebrated our birthdays there. I mean, it still does make me feel cool, and I'm nearing 30. If you're wondering what the big deal is, that's because you've probably never been to a Discovery Zone. It is easily the coolest indoor playground/arcade to ever exist! Sadly, it didn't stick around for too long, and the only thing us '90s kids have to hold on to are the millions of memories we have of that place. 



The place really had everything and more you could ask for, be it tubes, slides, zip lines, ball pits, rubber-band jungles, moon rooms, and whatnot. It was founded in 1990 and didn't take very long to become an instant hit among kids. And as expected, the franchise grew quickly and there were at least 15 stores opened in 18 months.



Following the successful venture, in April 1993, Blockbuster Video invested $10.3 million into Discovery Zone to purchase 21% of the company. But let's not forget, it all happened in 1999 when the last Discovery Zone was shut down after it was bought by Chuck-E-Cheese and consequently ruining the birthday parties of many kids.



I'm honestly quite glad that I'm not the only one missing Discovery Zone all of a sudden. A Twitter user wrote: DZ Discovery Zone was a beautiful death trap for kids in the 90s and I miss it. Meanwhile, another added: I had at least 3 b'days there. When it was demolished in my town my brother and some of his friends took some of the tubes and made it artist home decor.



A third said: OMG YAAAAS I WOULD BEG MY GRANDMA TO TAKE ME. I think we'd go to one in La Habra / Brea area. Good times. Life has to go on and it doesn't always go the way we want it to, but Discovery Zone was indeed one of the greatest things that happened to us in the 90s. We might never get another one like this! 


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