These FaceApp Photos Of Your Favorite Celebs As Old People Are Simply Beautiful

These FaceApp Photos Of Your Favorite Celebs As Old People Are Simply Beautiful

This app gained popularity overnight, quite literally, with people downloading it because they all wanted to see how they'd look when they're older.

Let's not kid ourselves, we've all wondered how we'd look when we turn old and wrinkled. We ponder over how old age is going to look on us if we're still going to look as good as we do now. But, thanks to the viral internet sensation that is the FaceApp, we now have a vague idea of how we'll look when we're older.

But, somehow, it's just not enough to know how we'd look, we had to know how the people around us would look, too, and that includes celebrities as well. After all, we do enjoy their work and we do want to know if they would age gracefully as well, right?

1. Gordon Ramsay is a sport, and he shows no signs of giving up on being the host of Masterchef USA!



2. Chris Hemsworth looks like the grandpa you'd wanna show off

Source: Twitter


3. Keanu Reeves... looks the same? Or is it just me?

Source: Twitter


4. Robert Downey Jr makes it seem like he's pondering over the future of Iron Man's character!

Source: Twitter


5. Why does Morgan Freeman look the same? Does the app not detect his face? 

Source: Twitter


6. Does Paul Rudd even age? 



7. There's no denying that old Terry Crew would still be able to kick ass



8. How would this be complete if we didn't involve the last Targaryen standing?



9. Now that Jon Snow looks Magnifique, we decided to try the app on Peter Dinklage!


10. He looks so damn cute, to be really honest.



11. Kevin Hart is a strong-ass old man for real!



12.  Adam Scott regrets this, but we most definitely don't. Not a bit!



13. Kim K and Kanye West will be the cool grandparents ever.



14. David Guetta's gonna look this cray when he's been DJ'ing for about 60 years.



15.  The Jonas Brothers will still be making music



16. Is it just me, or does Messi look like a grumpy grandpa?



17. Sam Smith is too cute to handle now, and way too cute to handle as an oldie, too



18.  Rhett and Link are just adorable and always with the trend



19. Humming "Just hold on, I'm getting old", while looking at Drake's picture



20.  We really should have gotten more movies with this gem!



21. Piers Morgan, ladies, and gentlemen!



22. Old Harry Potter just looks like an angry woman

Source: Twitter


23. Hermione, on the other hand, looks like she's aged gracefully, with a few books to her name

Source: Twitter


24. Malfoy has sure come a long way from someone who always said, "My father will hear about this."

Source: Twitter


25. Not much has changed for Meghan Markle




26.  Jay Z and Beyonce still rocking it! 



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