6 Reasons Why People Born In December Are Truly Special

6 Reasons Why People Born In December Are Truly Special

'Tis the most wonderful month of the year.

If you're bringing a child into this world during the festive month of December then consider your child lucky. The Christmas month is known to be the rarest time for birthdays (especially 24 and 25 which is rarest of them all), so this tells us just how special December babies are. You might be worried about their birthdays' parties clashing with Christmas celebrations, but think how wonderful would it be for your child to grow up knowing that their birthdays fall during the most magical month? Now, it's not just me who's making these claims because even science backs it up. 

1. Youngest One In A Classroom

While most parents who are expecting their babies in December might be concerned about their kiddo being the youngest one in their kindergarten class, it's not actually all that bad. Research published in the National Bureau of Economic Research reveals that being the youngest in one's class could actually be beneficial academically. Although it might not always be easy being the smallest in kindergarten it's totally worth it! When the time arrives for them to apply for colleges, a report by the New Yorker suggests that they are more likely to outperform the older ones.

2. Early To Bed And Early To Rise.

After conducting a study of Italian and Spanish university students, it was found that children born during the winter month were significantly more likely to be a morning person, contrary to the ones born in the summer. In addition to this, other studies have shown that these kids also tend to fall asleep sooner. That's a definite bonus!

3. Rare Left-Handed Children.

Research conducted out of the University of Vienna revealed boys born in December are most likely to be left-handed. In this study of about 13,000 adults, researchers found about 7.5% of women and 8.8% of men were sinistral. After taking a look at their birthdays, they discovered that most of them were born between November 1 and January 1. 

4. A longer life-span.

Most December-born have a remarkably higher chance of living beyond the age of 100 as compared to the ones born in June. So yeah, their statistical chances of living longer are higher than others! 

5. Likely to be a dentist.

Kids who have their birthdays in December are more likely to be a dentist when they grow up according to a report by The Guardian. After conducting a study, census researchers found that most dentists were born during this festive month. 

6. They are a Sagittarius or a Capricorn.

If you're someone who deeply believes in astrology then you'd know how much difference a person's birthday can make in shaping the life they have ahead of them. Those born between December 1 to December 21 fall under the Sagittarius sign, and are usually generous and idealistic according to a zodiac website. On the other hand, the ones who have their birthdays between December 22 to 31 are Capricorns, who are said to be responsible and disciplined.

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