Her Mom Was Murdered By Internet's 1st Serial Killer. Later, She Was Adopted By Killer's Brother

Her Mom Was Murdered By Internet's 1st Serial Killer. Later, She Was Adopted By Killer's Brother

Heather Tiffany Robinson was adopted as a 4-month old by Donald Robinson, brother of John Edward Robinson who had killed 10 women in 1985 in Kansas.

Imagine thinking you have been adopted your whole life and then one day finding out the person who murdered your mother was from the same family who adopted you.

This is the unbelievable story of Heather Tiffany Robinson whose biological mother, Lisa Stasi was one of the victims of John Edward Robinson, the Kansas serial killer who was on the prowl back in 1985. Robinson is considered to be the Internet's first serial killer because he found many of his victims online.

Stasi was only 19 years when she was last seen with Robinson. Her body was never found. Robinson is believed to have killed 9 other women across two states. Robinson had given his brother and sister-in-law, a 4-month-old baby who was Stasi's baby after he had murdered her, reports People



He had forged the adoption papers and Donal Robinson himself did not know that their brother was a serial killer or the fact that the baby was one of his victim's babies. 

It was not until 2000 that investigators were flummoxed to find out what had happened to Stasi's daughter. Tiffany is speaking out for the first time to ABC 20/20 since she found out when she was 15 years that her adoptive dad was the brother of the man who killed her mom.



Robinson's brother and his wife did not have kids of their own and were desperate for a baby. They renamed her Heather. According to investigators neither Robinson's brother or his wife had a clue that Robinson who is now a father and a grandfather was a killer.

Heather said during a clip of the interview accessed by People that the information about her birth mother did not give her any solace.



The interview was conducted by 20/20 host Amy Rohrbach. Heather said, “No, it made it worse. Everything I had fantasized and created about Lisa was completely taken away.” Amy Rohrbach told People, “Heather surprisingly wasn’t shocked to hear of John Robinson’s crimes. She says she always got an uneasy feeling from him growing up.”

In 2000, the police arrested Robinson for theft and sexual battery. But a thorough search of another property owned by him in his home state of Kansas led to the discovery of two missing women.



The bodies of the women were stuffed in large barrels. Two other bodies were found in a storage unit rented in his name. Rohrbach said that it was something that was quite intriguing that "in the midst of investigating the murderous spree of John Robinson, detectives discovered that missing baby Tiffany, who was presumed dead."

She added that it must have been quite a discovery for the police to find she was "was actually alive and being raised by John’s own brother.



She added, "It was a shocking twist no one expected, especially Heather.” Robinson presently sits on death row in Kansas. Besides Heather, the interview will also feature Donald and Heather’s husband, Roberto Ramos, who is helping his wife investigate Lisa’s past.

“Becoming a mother inspired Heather to search for answers about her birth mother and her early life. Heather’s dedication to finding out more about her mother — how she lived and how she died — is inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time,” said Robach.



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