Owners Choose To Remove Pet's Eyes Over Treating Infection, Later Give Up Dog After He Is Blinded

Owners Choose To Remove Pet's Eyes Over Treating Infection, Later Give Up Dog After He Is Blinded

It was also found that Louis had untreated injuries that left him with a limp. Now, he is looking for a forever home to help him adjust to his life.

Image Source: Facebook/Helen Woodward Animal Center

When a 3-year-old Lab/Shepherd mix developed an eye infection, his owners opted to remove his eyes instead of paying to treat the infection. Now, the pooch named Louis was left blind and forced to adapt to a significant change brought about by the life-altering surgery. But even as he tried to adapt to a life without eyes shortly after the procedure, his owners seemed to be less than flexible. Instead of being patient and supportive with their pet, who was now blinded because of their carelessness, they chose to surrender Louis to a pound in Calexico, reports PEOPLE.


Apparently, the pet parents could not adjust to life with their blind pet, never once thinking about what the dog might be going through. Shortly after being given up following the surgery in early December, a rescue partner of Helen Woodward Animal Center took him from the pound and brought him to the center in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Louis arrived at the shelter last month and was clearly nervous as he was dealing with a lot of changes. He was newly-blind, distressed, and heartbroken in the new place. Now, he is looking for a forever home that is ready to accept him the way he is. 


In a statement, Helen Woodward Animal Center Adoptions Director Hella Tyler reiterated the obligations that pet parents have to keep in mind before they opt for a pet. "It is incredibly important that people who consider getting a pet know the obligations they take on with these animals," said Tyler. "When people get their pets for free off of Craigslist, they don't seem to realize that pets come with responsibilities and a monthly expense for their caretaking, including medical care."


Tyler also reminded everyone just how much these animals appreciate humans who love them unconditionally. In fact, they reciprocate this care with such love which is truly unparalleled. "In turn, these pets will provide their owners with unparalleled love. They pay it back tenfold," they continued. Speaking about Louis' heartbreaking condition, Tyley said, "It's just devastating to see an animal treated the way Louis was treated." Shortly after his arrival, a medical check-up was conducted and it revealed that the 3-year-old dog was also suffering from untreated injuries which were likely to be caused by being hit by a car, following the surgery. 


With the hopes of finding him a home that would give him the love and care, he absolutely deserves, the rescue quickly placed him in a foster home. He is now adjusting to a life without sight and getting a lot of support from his foster family. All Louis needs now is a perfect match to begin the next chapter of his life. Helen Woodward is working tirelessly to find an ideal forever home, which is best suited for Louis. 


But they do have a few conditions for families who are willing to take up the responsibility. This is only fair because the rescue wants to make sure that the new family is nothing short of perfection given the agonizing past that Louis has had. The forever family should be living in a one-story house and it would be ideal if they work from home. Due to his old injuries, the pooch is left not only adjusting to a sightless life but also a limp. Thus, he is looking for a family who is "prepared to provide patience and special care" as he "learns his way around a new home," says Woodward. They promise that Louis would be spoiling them with a lot of love and snuggles in return. 


"Louis is extraordinary," shared Tyler. "He really suffered at the hands of his former owners but he shows no malice towards humankind.  He is ready to love the perfect family and he certainly deserves one." As a means to thank his adopters for giving Louis a second chance, Helen Woodward is also offering them a free training session, dog treats, and food. He will be available for adoption on Wednesday, January 13. Please fill out an application on www.animalcenter.org, or call 858-756-4117 to adopt Louis or for more information. 

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