These DIY Heaters Made Out Of Flower Pots Can Keep You Warm While The Power's Out

These DIY Heaters Made Out Of Flower Pots Can Keep You Warm While The Power's Out

The best thing about this quick hack is that most of the items are readily available in your homes.

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Not everyone has a fireplace in their homes to keep them warm during freezing cold temperatures. Thanks to the invention of electricity, this problem has been solved with heaters that make your apartment nice and cozy. But there's a downside to this innovative alternative as well. Just imagine a situation when it's super chilly outside and the power is out, I mean it's not unheard of. In fact, we have been faced with this problem many times and sadly seldom had any solution for it. Well, there exists a genius trick that is sure to entice you and it involved flower pots and candles.


Apparently, you can use flower pots made out of terracotta and votive or tealight candles to heat up the cold areas in your room. The best about this quick hack is that most of the items are readily available in most homes. Thus, it saves you the hassle of actually going out, looking for the items, and purchasing them. A website named Totally the bomb explains how you can set up you DIY mini heater at home.


Here's the list of things that you would need to create the make-shift heater:

1. Terracotta Flower Pot: Surely, you have some left from your recent gardening efforts during the lockdown, or last Mother's Day.

2. Tea Light Candles: You know those cute little candles that come in a small container? That's what you need. If you don't have them mini candles which are placed in jars will also do.

3. Bricks: You don't need too many, just a few to lift the pot on. Some even use glass baking pass as an alternative.

4. Nuts and Bolts: These can be used to hold up the pot and balance it right under the candles. Take a look at the picture below for more clarity.


Procedure for creating the mini heaters:

First, you have to take the flower pot and turn it upside down such that the opening is facing the ground. 

Next, place your candles on a leveled surface that won't burn after lighting them. 


Before placing the candles inside and right below the upside-down pot, use brick or nuts and bolt to hold the pot in place. If you're using bricks make sure that it is kept on either side of the pot in such a manner that it supports it perfectly without wobbling. The final step is to allow the candles to burn for a few hours so that it heats up an area of your room. Be careful when doing this and remember not to leave the flame unsupervised. 


By now you must be wondering how and why this trick would work? Well, Terracotta or clay efficiently absorbs thermal energy released by the candles. It then converts this energy into radiant space heat and reaches a temperature of 160°F to 180°F. The DIY heater retains the head and stays hot for a few hours. This is why you need to be careful of the placement of this mini heater. Make sure that it is not within the reach of children and pets as the insider of the pot can go as high as 500°F.


Some skillful people also shared a more effective version of this heater. If you wish to create it, you can do so by following the instructions on the post. 



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