These 20 Heartwarming Church Signs Give Us Hope In Troubled Times

These 20 Heartwarming Church Signs Give Us Hope In Troubled Times

From meaningful messages to light-hearted texts, church signs in U.S. have got it all.

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More often than not, we look for signs that give us hope and strength to overcome predicaments we are in. In the U.S., church signs are known to lift our spirits using their meaningful and often light-hearted messages. And during a crisis such as this pandemic, we need these words more than ever to keep us going while we're in lockdown. Thus, we have compiled church signs that not only teach us valuable life lessons but also employ subtle humor to lighten our mood. Some even share brutally honest advice that hits hard. 

1. Love is key.

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2. Can church signs be as lit as this one is? 


3. Sure is hot outside!


4. Word.


5. Give your best and forget the rest.

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6. That's catchy!


7. Seems like Darth Vadar was a regular at Sunday Mass. 


8. How punny are these signs?


9. They are too hot to handle.


10. There's joy in giving.

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11. Please, help yourself.

12. Words of wisdom.

13. More puns.


14. Don't disappoint your munchkins.


15. Violence is never the answer.

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16. Talk about subtle sass.


17. Social distancing is the way to go.


18. At least, they don't have to worry about the heat.


19. Love is all we need.


20. Don't take you loved ones for granted.

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