Heartless Woman Dumps Her Two-Legged Dog On The Sidewalk And Flees In Her Car

Heartless Woman Dumps Her Two-Legged Dog On The Sidewalk And Flees In Her Car

Her husband found the dog, took it to a shelter, and abandoned it for a second time.

Image Source: YouTube/Rescue Disabled Dog With No Front Legs Dumped On Side Of Road Will Make Your Heartbreaking

One leg or four, dogs have a heart made of gold that knows only to love. However, every year, thousands of people abandon these pets because they don't want to take care of them or because it isn't what they expected. These poor souls end up dying on the streets with no one to feed them or take care of them. As per Daily Mail, a two-legged dog was abandoned on the streets of Brazil twice in one day. Footage captured on CCTV shows a woman dumping a dog on a sidewalk in Sao Leopoldo, before driving away in her car. The video shows the dog - named Tintin - making its way back to the car.


However, the cruel woman shoves the dog out of the way before fleeing in her car. The street where Tintin was abandoned was right outside the woman's husband's office. He found the poor animal wandering around. But, instead of taking him home, the man took the dog to an animal shelter, where he was abandoned a second time. Anderson Ribeiro, boss of the Secretariat of Animal Protection in Sao Leopoldo, said the man walked in with the dog on a leash and said that he found the dog wandering on the street. Ribiero assumed it was a lost dog and not a stray because the dog had a collar around its neck. 


Immediately, he got in touch with local resident Ana Paula Scherer, who owns a dog with a similar disability named Berlin, to check whether it belonged to her. She immediately told him that her dog was safe at home with her. That's when he got suspicious and alerted the cops. Ribiero did a good thing, and the cops eventually managed to trace the couple down. They admitted to abandoning the dog. Thankfully,  Ribeiro took a personal interest in Tintin’s case and said that if anyone was interested in adopting the pup, they would have to go through a very thorough interview process including family history and home inspection.


The rescuer is in no rush to find the pup a forever home and plans to care for Tintin until they locate the perfect family. “Because of the paw deficiency, he drags his neck a lot on the floor. The adopter’s house should have tiled floors, no cracks or grooves so as not to hurt his neck. We want conscious adoption,” said Ribeiro. Cops are investigating the case on charges of animal abuse. The penalty for animal abuse ranges from three months to a year in jail and a fine. 


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