Heartless Tourist Smacks Sleeping Baby Seal With A Slipper To Wake It Up

Heartless Tourist Smacks Sleeping Baby Seal With A Slipper To Wake It Up

The seal, once awake, fled the scene. It almost looked like it was running for its life.

Image Source: Getty Images/Adam Fry / EyeEm

Trigger Warning: This story contains details of animal abuse that readers may find disturbing.

A baby seal, unaware of the torture it would be subjected to, was fast asleep on the shore of a beach when a cruel tourist approached it. A video recorded shows the tourist trying to wake up the small animal in the most inhumane manner possible. The tourist was definitely not alone as another voice could also be heard in the background. Apparently, they couldn't bear to see the animal sleep peacefully, and had to torture it. "Your mum is calling you to wake up!" said a woman who could be heard laughing in the background of the video.


Using a slipper, the man, believed to be speaking in a Chinese dialect, smacked the seal and kept yelling, "wake up, wake up" over and over again, as per Daily Mail. Ignoring the pain that was being inflicted upon the brown-furred animal, the man can be seen repeatedly slapping the helpless creature, probably about a dozen times. The baby seal, jolted awake by pain, seemed visibly frightened by the sight of humans standing so close. And immediately, the animal fled the scene. It almost looked like it was running for its life. The origins of the video are unclear and there is no clarity on when the video was shot, but some accounts led to the suggestion that it took place in Namibia.


Reports also suggest that the original video was posted by the woman on the Chinese version of TikTok, which is called Douyin. The video started garnering attention from people and eventually, China Cetacean Alliance came across the video, which is an international animal protection and conservation organization. The CCA condemned the video, especially for the motive that it was made for, saying that the tourists filmed the incident just to gain attention on social media and increase the number of views that their post gets. No animal should be abused by humans merely to get some short-lived attention on the internet.


The video was shared by China Cetacean Alliance wrote in a post, "Not to mention the hidden dangers and the risk of contracting wildlife diseases, doing something so stupidly and evilly to gain traffic online really discredits Chinese tourists as a group. We hope that all [social media] platforms can help guide the public atmosphere of respecting nature and science. Please stop promoting these sensational accounts that damage the country's image!" The video was also shared on a Chinese social media website called Weibo, with it garnering over 5 million views. Many viewers even called out the cruelty shown to the defenseless little animal. This is just not how you try to get your 15 minutes of fame. Why don't you try slapping yourself 100 times instead? 


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