Heartless Owner Leads Her Senior Dog Into The Woods, Abandons Him And Drives Off

Heartless Owner Leads Her Senior Dog Into The Woods, Abandons Him And Drives Off

The dog was seen wagging his tail when he got out of the car, not knowing his owner was just minutes away from abandoning him.

Image Source: Facebook/I Paw'd It Forward

A woman recently took her elderly Labrador out for a drive in her Tesla, but little did the poor boy know that she wasn't taking him for a joyride. The woman was captured abandoning the dog and then driving off. The video was posted on Facebook by animal shelter I Paw’d It Forward from SW Washington. In the video, the happy fellow kept wagging his tail, following his owner into the woods. The woman then comes back, jumps into her car, and drives away without the dog. The page shared: This woman thought the best way to get rid of a dog, was to take him to Orchards Park in Vancouver, WA tonight and leave him there to watch her drive off in her Tesla with Oregon Plates.


If you recognize this woman, her Tesla, or her dog, please contact us immediately. 833.360.7293. The dog is an older yellow lab. If you know a woman that drives a Tesla with Oregon Plates, who likes to wear spandex pants and owned a Yellow Lab, please, contact us PRIVATELY with any information. They also added that the dog had (thankfully) been rescued. All, please know the dog is safe and not available for adoption at this time. This dog will not be available pending an investigation into what happened. We know this tugs at our heartstrings, but please know he is safe and being cared for


The video was originally posted by Brandon Price, a man from Vancouver, Washington whose security cameras recorded this disturbing incident. The woman was later identified, and she admitted to dumping their 13-year-old dog named Henry, updated Brandon. Her identity hasn't been released. Price shared: The owner has been found and cited for animal cruelty. She admitted it was their family dog named Henry who is 13 years old. Since the incident, the shelter posted another update, asking people to be a bit more humane towards their pets. See, the thing is, pets are a HUGE responsibility; it's like raising kids. 


They deserve your time and attention. They are not ornaments for you to show around and throw it away when you're done with it. There is no reason to do this. None. There are a bunch of excuses, but no reasons. There are a whole slew of options available if you decide your dog is not for you, or your life has changed, or whatever you have convinced yourself is what you need. Instead of dumping your dog somewhere, offer him/her the same courtesy you offered him when you adopted him. If you need to rehome him, ok. But be patient. Find the right home. Reach out to the rescues in your area. Do right by them


We humans fail more than we succeed. All of us. Animals can't fail. They can only do what we have taught them. They only know what we teach them. They only know how to love us. They don't know how to give up. They don't know how life changes effect us past how much more they need to love you. Give them the courtesy they have given you. If you can't keep your animal for whatever your reason, ok. But be humane. Be compassionate. Show them love in transition. They did not ask you to adopt them, that was YOUR decision. We just hope that Henry gets his justice soon and he finds a loving home. 

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