Heartless Manager Threatens To Fire Mom Whose Son Is On Life Support: "No Reason You Can't Work"

Heartless Manager Threatens To Fire Mom Whose Son Is On Life Support: "No Reason You Can't Work"

The cruel manager went to the extent of accusing Crystal Fisher for creating "drama" over her son being on life support.

A mother's life was turned upside down after her son was hospitalized and placed on life support. In light of the precarious health condition of her son, Crystal Reynolds Fisher, a resident of Michigan, decided to stay beside her son during this difficult time. Informing her employer the same she sent her boss, Dawn, a message about her absence from work, however, things got a whole lot worse, as her boss threatened to fire her for being so dramatic. Exposing her boss' complete lack of empathy, the devasted mother posted the screenshots of her conversation with him on Facebook


Fisher's son, Jason, 18, had to be placed on life support after reportedly developing a form of sepsis that results in multiple organ failure.  After arriving at the hospital the PS Food Mart employee underwent a "rollercoaster of emotions." According to The Sun, she said, "They wouldn’t let me in the room. I didn’t know what was going on, how my son was or nothing. Finally, a doctor came out and said they had to put him on life-support." Naturally, the distraught mother decided to remain beside her son who was fighting for his life. However, her boss showed her no sympathy and went to the extent of accusing her of being dramatic. 



\Posting the screenshots of this inconsiderate exchange with her employer she wrote: So my son is on life support and I tell my boss 48 hours before I am to work again that I will not be able to work until my son is off life support and this is what she tells me! She began the message by simply informing her boss about her son's condition due to which she wouldn't be showing up at work. Fisher wrote: I’m just letting you know that my son is still on life support so until he is out of the bed I will not be able to make it to work. I can let you know as soon as he starts to get better, so I can return to work with no problems.


Fisher was left shocked after receiving an unbelievably cruel response from her employer who chose to get straight to the point. Dawn wrote: That isn't how we do things, so I'll accept that you're quitting. Of course, she didn't want to go down without a fight and so she boldly pointed at his heartless response and wrote: This is not an eye doctor’s appointment or a dentist appointment, this is my child's life we are talking about. I never quit my job. Would you be able to go to work and function if your child was on life support? To which her employer heartlessly responded, "Yes I would, I still have bills to pay. We don't get to come and go as we please at Folk Oil. I have a store to run and that's my focus."


Soon the post became viral and sparked angry reactions from several netizens. One Facebook user wrote: God bless you Crystal. Prayers that your son get better soon. This manager will be fired for sure because Human Resources at the corporate level will not accept this deplorable behavior. Your managers behavior is beyond insensitive. It’s as if she had vinegar running through her veins. In the end God will show up and Show out. You stay faithful 🙏 Another wrote: I don’t understand how people can be so sick!


Thankfully, the message reached the owners, Folk Oil, who immediately fired the manager for her unspeakable behavior. "Today we were made aware of a situation at one of our locations where an employee was told that they could not get time off to care for a hospitalized child. PS Food Mart and Folk Oil Company are in complete agreement that this is not acceptable. We are investigating the situation and will make sure that it is resolved quickly and thoroughly. We have already been in contact with our employee and have communicated our support and assurance that she will be allowed any time off needed. We are sympathetic to anyone, especially our employees that have a loved one in the hospital." read the statement, according to News.com.au



In another, statement the company informed people about the proceedings of this investigation. "We investigated and have found that the situation was handled improperly and without the compassion that we value as a company. For that, we are very sorry. As a result of this finding, we took quick action and that manager is no longer employed by PS Food Mart. We have also reaffirmed to our employee that she will be able to take all the time off that she needs during this difficult period."

Jason's current condition is still unclear.

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