Heartless Girl Puts Dog In Dryer, Switches It On And Laughs As She Makes A Video Of It

Heartless Girl Puts Dog In Dryer, Switches It On And Laughs As She Makes A Video Of It

A schoolgirl thought it would be fun to shove her hapless pet into a dryer and turn it on. Viewers disagreed.

The lengths people go to these days to attain a few seconds of fame on social media platforms is just appalling. A girl who is believed to be in school subjected her poor little dog to a vile act. She shoved her tiny Shih Tzu into a clothes dryer and turned it on just to have a good laugh. She even recorded the whole ordeal and streamed it live on Instagram reports the Daily Mail.



In the video, the girl is heard telling her followers of her cruel trick. She says, "I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna put his a** back in the dryer. He likes that s***." She opens the dryer and picks up the hapless animal and shoves it into the machine. Closing the door, she screams and turns the machine on. She's then seen clapping and laughing uncontrollably without any sign of remorse, while the poor hapless dog tosses and turns inside.   


After about 4 to 5 seconds, she opens the door and one sees the dog being thrown out of the dryer. Still giggling, the girl says, "I'm sorry" to her pet.  She then turns the camera towards the Shih Tzu who seems visibly disoriented and scared and dashes into the other room after going through the dangerous ordeal. The comments section of the video were not helpful either as they kept encouraging her by laughing at the horrendous scene. 



The video went viral but for all the wrong reasons. It sparked a major backlash. Shortly after posting the footage, she deleted it and removed her Instagram account after being humiliated by other concerned viewers. However, she was a little too late as it was shared on Twitter and Reddit. Netizens were angered by what they saw.  Some said that had reported the incident to PETA, while others called the police. On Twitter, the video was retweeted over 8,000 times. 


One Twitter user, Lady Steel wrote: I'm sorry, I just can’t watch another video of a dog being abused. The video that was on my feed of the stray being punched made me physically ill. I hope someone can trace this video to the girl and save that poor dog. Another user named Rachel informed: A police officer told me you should just call the police when you see anything illegal/violent online. They have ways to track it if you report it, but tagging police departments apparently doesn't help. Call them up and report it..even if you don't know what state. Robert bluntly said: Cruelty to animals is one of the red flags of a sociopath after they get bored with animals guess who comes next it’s a sick person who thinks it’s funny to harm an animal I am incredibly saddened by this. Yes monsters do exist.


Allie Quinn wrote: What the actual fuck?! First we have a YouTuber who hits and spits on her dog. Now we have this girl who puts her dog into a dryer and TURNS IT ON?! What the fuck is wrong with people. This is not funny!! DrSueDVM, a veterinarian wrote: I’m a veterinarian. I’m praying to God she’s caught, indicted, found guilty and receives max sentence. Not only because of this vile and evil act, but because animal abusers often abuse children & other vulnerable individuals. Bert Ward came up with a brilliant idea to track down the girl. She said, Get names of all the people live streaming, they know who she is, report them all, frame by frame grab everyones names, and screen shot the lot of them.


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