Heartless Driver Lures Seagulls Into Parking Lot Before Brutally Running Them Over

Heartless Driver Lures Seagulls Into Parking Lot Before Brutally Running Them Over

Laurel police are currently looking for a suspect who allegedly lured seagulls with popcorn and then ran them over with their vehicle.

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An unidentified man who lured seagulls into a Dollar Tree parking lot and ran them over with their car killing at least 10 is now being hunted by authorities. On Saturday, January 4, the suspect purchased popcorn at the store between 9 AM and 10:30 AM at Laurel Plaza Shopping Center, 9620 Fort Meade Road. Judging by the popcorn sprinkled at the crime scene, police suspect that they lured the flock of seagulls to the parking lot using it before crushing them with the vehicle. One of the first responding officers in the case called it disturbing case, reports CBS News.


"I was disturbed," confessed Corporal Wilson, who is with the Laurel Police Department. Wilson revealed that she was rendered speechless when she arrived at the scene. "I didn’t know if how it was really dispatched is what it was. And it was actually worse than how the call had come out to us initially," she added. Police claimed that at least 10 of the birds were killed during this violent attack, however, Wilson said she was able to save one. "I was able to get a cardboard box. We poked some holes in it and I transferred it Frisky’s Wild Life Rehabilitation," she continued. 


When this incident of animal cruelty was brought to light, several angry reactions flooded in. "Never seen now heard something so cruel and ignorant," said Yancy Spencer, a resident in Laurel. "I think there might be something wrong in the way that person is thinking," resolved Jack Gates, another resident. Police believe that the suspect bought the popcorn from the same shopping center off Fort Meade Road. Unfortunately, there were no cameras pointing in the direction where the birds were heartlessly murdered, said Wilson. That's why officers are having a really hard time identifying who the suspect is. 


Speaking to New York Post, city spokeswoman Audrey Barnes said that a press conference has been scheduled to announce a $5,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the culprit. "We really want to get this person," said Barnes. "Police officers will tell you: Animal cruelty cases like this often escalate into more serious crimes being committed. So we want to make an arrest and get this person the help that they need."


Thanks to PETA, officers are now offering a huge sum of money in exchange for information. The public has been asked to help officers locate the person responsible for this crime through a tweet. Anyone with information regarding the case is urged to call (301) 498-0092 or contact Corporal Wilson or reach them via [email protected]


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