Heartbroken Mom Begs People To Send Birthday Cards For Son Who Said 'I've Had Enough Of Life'

Heartbroken Mom Begs People To Send Birthday Cards For Son Who Said 'I've Had Enough Of Life'

Tanya Williams, 36, fears that her son Rhys, 13, is losing all hope to live due to his painful and rare life-limiting condition.

A heartbroken mother is now requesting people to send birthday cards for her son who has had "enough of life." Tanya Williams' son, Rhys Williams, 13, has been leading a life of agony due to a rare life-limiting skin condition ever since birth. As his 14th birthday approaches, Tanya worries for her son who she thinks is losing all hope. In order to, reinforce his faith in life, his mother is now appealing to everyone to send her son birthday cards on September 21 so that Rhys feels loved and believes that his life matters to everyone around him.



The 13-year-old from Bolton, Greater Manchester was diagnosed with severe epidermolysis bullosa which causes painful skin blisters and sores. For this young boy, it has developed to such an extent that he is now confined to a wheelchair and even his fingers have been fused together. Furthermore, the slightest friction in the form of a rub or a knock is enough to cause blisters on his skin and internal tissues resulting in painful open wounds all over his body. Even the skin behind his knees have fused together and he is unable to stretch it to its full capacity.



Due to the severity of the 13-year-old's condition, his parents were quite doubtful about their son reaching his teenage years reports The Sun.  The extreme pain forces him to take morphine in order to control it. Sadly, his family members are unable to hug him due to his fragile condition. Speaking about her son's wishes, the devasted mothers reveals how her son hopes "a butterfly would come and take him away." Like every other mother, Tanya too doesn't want her son to give up instead continue the fight for his life. 



"The last few months, he's had enough of life. He's had enough of being in pain with the sores. He just wants to give up, he doesn't want to fight anymore. What do you do as a mum?" says 36-year-old Tanya, who is now desperately trying to convince her son otherwise. She then spoke of her son's likes.  "Rhys' life revolves around school, Xbox, sleep, repeat." However, Rhys doesn't go out much because "he doesn't like the way people look at him." She simply wants what's best for him, however, she is just not ready for him to let go just yet. 



Unlike most kids, Rhys is not fit enough to go out and play with friends or attend parties and go on vacations. Even the intake of solid foods could cause his gullet to form blisters and so he is fed using a tube. Just as you might have imagined, the 13-year-old is now fed up of living such a painful life and so his desperate mother is trying her best to cheer him up. "I don't want him to be in pain any more but I still want him to be here," said Tanya adding, "He's such a happy boy most of the time but recently it's a struggle to try and get through to him. I don't think he can fight much longer, his life depends on this." 


This is not the first time Rhys' family made such an appeal. During Christmas last year, his mother gathered all the greeting cards and placed them all around the house. Tanya shared how happy her son was to receive each one of them. "Every single card he received, he opened them with so much joy," she recalled. "He came home from school and he would see these Christmas cards. He got hundreds at a time. it showed him that he still needs to fight, that there's people out there who do care and do love him." And now all she wants are a few birthday cards which could potentially save her son's life. "Hopefully it can make him see that not everything is bad," said Tanya.


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