Heartbroken Man Weds Fiancé's Corpse After She Loses Battle With Breast Cancer

Heartbroken Man Weds Fiancé's Corpse After She Loses Battle With Breast Cancer

Xu Shinan, 35, held a special wedding ceremony during his deceased partner, Yang Liu's funeral to realize her dreams of becoming a bride.

In China, a heartbroken married the corpse of his partner during her funeral to profess his unbinding love for her after she lost her breast cancer. Hoping to fulfill his late fiancée's dream of becoming a bride, Xu Shinan, 35, made all the arrangements to turn Yang Liu's funeral into a lovely union on Saturday morning at a funeral parlor of Dalian situated in eastern China reports Daily Mail. According to local reports, the deceased bride was seen dressed in a gorgeous white bridal gown with 169 bouquets of pink roses surrounding her body as Xu read his wedding vows aloud for her during this special ceremony.



Surrounded by close friends and family members Xu said his piece, "Wife, please don't worry! For me, the rest of my life will be in pain, but I will not give up." According to the Dalian Evening News, the two lovers were actually university classmates who fell for each other in August 2007, after engaging in long conversations with each other online. The couple registered their marriage in August 2013, after which they started preparing for their wedding ceremony when everything came crashing down. Yang, who was 28 at the time, was diagnosed with breast cancer three months after the registration. 



Recalling how strong Yang was during the excruciating treatment days, Xu shared that she always had a smile across her face and never once did she cry. Hoping to inspire other cancer patients, Yang documented her treatment on her Twitter-like Weibo account. Back in 2017, Yang's condition had improved considerably and the two began saving money for a new apartment and their wedding. Unfortunately, her cancer relapsed a year later way before they could conduct tie the knot. Accompanied by Xu, yang traveled to various hospitals around the country to find a cure for her. "We went across the nation, seeking medical advice while traveling. It was a happy year after all."



In May 2019, Yang's condition deteriorated to such an extent that he had to be hospitalized in Dalian. Xu also revealed that his late partner suffered several complications and became bed-ridden after sustaining serious fractures which were caused by sneezing. And on October 6, she slipped into a coma. Yang who was 34, died on October 14 after her grueling battle with cancer for five and a half years. "She couldn't even recognize me in the end and we didn't bid farewell," said the devastated man. Xu stayed by her corpse 24 hours a day for a week following her death, which according to folklore in China symbolizes respect to the departed.



"My wife used to say that nobody was allowed to cry should she die. I was holding back my tears on the day, but when [her body] was sent for cremation, I couldn't fight it anymore," said a heartbroken Xu. After the death of his partner, Xu discovered that Yang had been choosing wedding gowns for herself before being hospitalized and so he decided to hold a wedding event. "I promised to buy her the most beautiful wedding gown," said Xu who immediately visited a bridal store a day after her death. After hearing his touching story, the store's owner decided to let Xu choose any wedding gown he liked for a token 1 yuan (11p). "Although today's wedding is late, it has realized Yang Liu's dream. All that I can do is to fulfill your wish and letting you wear a wedding dress fulfills my wish," said the groom during the ceremony before breaking down into tears. 


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