Father Digs Pit To Bury His Stillborn Only To Discover A Newborn Buried Alive In The Same Spot

Father Digs Pit To Bury His Stillborn Only To Discover A Newborn Buried Alive In The Same Spot

After the death of his seven-month-old premature baby, Hitesh Kumar Sirohi began digging up the ground to bury her when he heard the cries of a baby emerging from an earthen pot buried at a depth of three feet.

A heartbroken father from India was digging a pit to bury his stillborn daughter who died within minutes after being born,  and to his shock discovered a newborn girl who was left to die after being buried alive. According to reports, the incident unfolded in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. The man identified as Hitesh Kumar Sirohi is a trader who rescued the helpless baby girl and took care of her by feeding her milk using cotton before rushing her to the hospital.



According to a report by Gulf News, Abhinandan Singh, the Superintendent of Police (City) said that Sirohi's wife Vaishali, a sub-inspector who is posted in Bareilly, was rushed to the hospital last week after she started experiencing labor pain. She gave birth to a  seven-month-old premature baby girl who sadly passed away a few minutes after birth at a private hospital. Following this devastating incident, Sirohi made his way to bury his lifeless child's body. After digging a pit of about three feet, the spade hit an earthen pot where a baby's cry was heard. A curious Sirohi found himself pulling it out of the ground and on examining it further found a baby girl wrapped in a cloth inside the clay pot. 


"At one point, I thought that my daughter had come alive," confessed Sirohi who was shocked to find a baby buried alive reports ABC Australia. "But the voice was actually coming from the pot. When the pot was opened, a baby girl was inside." It was a miracle that the abandoned girl was still alive and was breathing heavily when she was found says, Superintendent Abhinandan Singh. He added that the girl was admitted to the district hospital where she was being treated.



Condemning this cruel act of abandonment, Singh said, "A very inhuman incident came to light under the limits of Subhash Nagar police station in Maninath cremation ground in which a newborn girl was buried by unknown people inside an earthen pot. The baby was found by members of a family who had gone to bury their daughter who died following premature birth." In addition to this, he said, "After digging for a while, they found a pot and heard a baby crying. Soon, a police team reached the spot and the baby was sent to a hospital where she is undergoing treatment. We are now trying to find the parents of the baby. We will take strict action against those who have buried the infant alive."


A relative of the Vaishali, Pooja, said, "When my husband and another relative went to bury the dead baby they found an earthen pot after digging for a while. We could hear a baby crying from the pot. So they took her out and fed her milk. They also called the police and an ambulance immediately." After running some initial tests, the doctors reportedly said that the baby was born prematurely and had been buried for at least two days before being discovered. Weighing just  1.1 kilograms, the girl is now being treated for a lung infection. 


Rajesh Kumar Mishra, a local politician has volunteered to take care of the expenses for the baby girl's medical care. "Doctors told me that since she was born prematurely, she needed less oxygen," said Mishra. "She is stable now but she still has an infection and doctors are feeding her milk every two hours." The NICU in-charge, Vimal Kumar, said that the hospital staff has already named the baby. "The hospital staff have named the baby Sita. She is undergoing treatment here, she has not yet recovered fully."


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