Head Of Security Takes Over Cowboy Museum's Twitter Handle & His Tweets Are Making Our Day

Head Of Security Takes Over Cowboy Museum's Twitter Handle & His Tweets Are Making Our Day

His Twitter innocence is simply adorable.

Source: Twitter/National Cowboy Museum

We need someone like Tim Send during these times to make sure we remain sane. The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma put Tim Send, their head of security, in charge of their Twitter, and the consequences are hilariously wholesome. Most of his tweets are informative and educate people about the functioning of the museum, some are just hilarious. They capture the innocence of someone who is trying very hard to understand the workings of the social media platform, and yet be informative and do a good job of the task he has been assigned. While Send's tweets are entertaining enough, if at all you do wish to learn more, the museum offers virtual tours. Also, Tim Send does send out some of the most polite tweets one has seen in recent times. 

One such example of him trying to work his way around the internet can be seen in this tweet: This is the hat and eyepatch the Duke wore in the movie True Grit. They are part of our Exhibition about the 2 True Grit. Lots of interesting props and clothes. I’m told I can’t try it on. Hashtag John Wayne. Lucas, my grandson, told me to use hashtags. Thanks, Tim. He even updated a status asking for Twitter tips, followed by another, explaining that he thought he was googling for the tips. However, he finally did learn how to use hashtags as he updated: Thanks for all the tips, Friends. Realize I have been doing the hashtags wrong. I need to use that pound sign from the phone. I’m learning! Here’s his costume from True Grit from 1969 courtesy of John Wayne Enterprises. #HashtagJohnWayne Thanks, Tim. Well, almost. 

Here are some of his best tweets! Some of them are actually quite informative.

1. Tim's first-ever tweet:


2. Quite informative:


3. Since people couldn't come to see the exhibition, he decided to bring it to them:


4. Wondering who Lucas and Keira are? Oh wait, they're his grandkids:


5. When he decided to acknowledge the help he's been getting from netizens


6. Someone's rocking the selfie game here:


7. His concept of engagement is rock-solid:


8. When he's got more faith in us than his grandson Lucas:


9. This man is just so sweet:


10. This tick tock is better than our tiktok:


11. He's quite funny:


12. He even answers FAQ's:


People just couldn't get enough of Tim and his cheeky and funny Tweets. Here are some of the responses:







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