'Hamilton' Star Miguel Cervantes' 3-Year-Old Daughter Dies In His Arms: "Her Bed Is Empty"

'Hamilton' Star Miguel Cervantes' 3-Year-Old Daughter Dies In His Arms: "Her Bed Is Empty"

Adelaide, who has been battling epilepsy all her life, experienced her first seizure when she was just 7-months-old. She was also diagnosed with Infantile Spasms (IS) at 9 months.

Hamilton star Miguel Cervantes and his wife, Kelly, are grieving the loss of their baby girl, Adelaide, who died just days before her fourth birthday. The 3-year-old passed away on Saturday, October 12, after entering hospice care last week. "The Cervantes family is heartbroken to announce that their baby girl Adelaide Grace passed away early Saturday morning," said the devastated family in a statement to PEOPLE. "She was held in the loving arms of her family as she peacefully achieves the ‘calm’ for which they’ve been searching for so long. They would like to extend their deepest, heartfelt gratitude to all who have reached out with words of support and prayer and will continue to feel all the love as they go through this difficult time."


Back in November 2018, Miguel and Kelly opened up about Adelaide missing some traditional milestones as a baby after experiencing her first seizure when she was just 7 months old. Following this event, the doctors declared the seizures were a result of epilepsy. At 9 months old, she was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms (IS). Kelly, who has been documenting her daughter's short life on her popular blog Inchstones, also worked with the Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE), an organization that raises money to fund researches looking for a cure to this devastating illness. 



Sharing a black and white picture of their daughter's room filled with stuffed toys on Instagram, Kelly wrote: The machines are off. Her bed is empty. The quiet is deafening. Miss Adelaide Grace left us early Saturday morning. She went peacefully in my arms and surrounded by love. Finally, she is free from pain, reactions, and seizures but leaves our hearts shattered. We love you so much Adelaideybug and forever after 💔💜 Just a day before their baby girl tragically succumbed to this illness, Kelly told the outlet, "Oh, she was feisty as hell."



Describing her daughter as a "warrior," she continued, "She is a warrior. I have never met someone stronger in my life. She shared her opinions in her own way. She came into the world and she had a mission and a story. I’m so proud that no one will ever forget her story." She further noted that Adelaide’s elder brother, Jackson, had a bright influence in his sister's life. "He is what keeps me strong," confessed Kelly. "He runs around this house and brings an energy that we need. And he needs us. We might be going through the worst thing ever, but he is the one that gets us up when we are just fighting emotionally to get out of bed."


"I’m never going to ask why these things happen and oh, I’d give away all that I have to have Adelaide here. But without her condition, we would have never met the strong and amazing people we are surrounded by right now. We have been giving this platform to talk about Infantile Spasms and epilepsy. And we have been given this platform to tell people about Adelaide. And that’s exactly what we intend to do," added Miguel who will be taking some time off from his leading role in the Chicago production of Hamilton. However, he plans on getting back soon. 


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