Christmas Is Coming Early With Hallmark Releasing 2 New Movies In July!

Christmas Is Coming Early With Hallmark Releasing 2 New Movies In July!

Just last month the network annouced a record-breaking 40 Christmas movies that will air this year on the festive season.

Isn't it hard to image your Christmas holidays without watching at least one Hallmark movie which perfectly embodies the spirit of joy and cheer? Well, at least for people like me who go all out for the holiday by baking cookies, decorating Christmas trees, and mixing eggnog as soon as Halloween season ends, it is. While there is still a long six months left for the Yuletide, Hallmark has decided to give an early present to their devoted Christmas lovers. 


Hallmark announced that a record-breaking 40 new Christmas movies to be released this year to celebrate the channel's 10th anniversary a while ago. To add to this surprise they decided to kick off the countdown for this year's Christmas a little sooner than their fans expected. As it turns out, they are releasing two original Christmas movies in July! So if you've already packed up all the decorations, I think it's time to get them back out of the box!

According to Entertainment Weekly, the first movie that will premiere on July 7 at 9 p.m. on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is called Christmas Camp. This movie will star Lily Anne Harrison, who will be playing the role of Hayley, an advertisement executive who is working her way up towards a promotion. But there's always a catch! And in this film, she had to work with a traditional toy company in order to get her hands on it. So, just to learn a bit more about the holiday and its traditions, she attends a Christmas Camp.


This is where she meets the camp owner's son played by Bobby Campo who teaches her all about Christmas and also a little about love. The two eventually fall in love with each other in the due course of this Camp. This particular movie is a part of Hallmark Movies and Mysteries’ 'Gold Crown Christmas' campaign which airs during the summer. Now, coming to the second movie, A Merry Christmas Match is set to premiere on the Hallmark channel on  July 13 at 9 p.m.


The movie is a said to be a part of the network's Keepsake Christmas campaign and we cannot wait! Ashley Newbrough and Kyle Dean Massey will be seen starring as the leads in the movie A Merry Christmas Match. The movie follows a woman named Corey played by Newbrough who resides in a ski village. Now Casey works at her mom's antique shop and every year organizes an annual children’s Christmas pageant in honor of her late father. One fine day Ryder's (Massey) arrives and that when the whole drama ensues.


Corey cannot help but wonder what her life would have been today if only she decided to leave the place behind and worked towards fulfilling her dreams of becoming a theatre director. I know, you're dying to know what happens next! Thankfully we don't have to wait until December! Among the 40 movies that are yet to hit the screens, Hallmark will air 24 of them on their original Channel and the remaining 16 will debut on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Hallmark's sister network.


It doesn't end there, Hallmark will also release two Hanukka movies in 2019! Furthermore, Hallmark has been trying its hand at reality entertainment and Project Christmas Joy: Alabama, (title TBC) is one of them. Here the channel will be funding a town who is in grave need for a Christmas makeover miracle. If that wasn't enough to get our hearts singing Christmas carols, Hallmark Drama is also putting forth a five-part baking competition series, titled Christmas Cookie Town Countdown.


Speaking about Project Christmas Joy: Alabama, the president and CEO of Crown Media Family Networks, Bill Abbott told Deseret News, "This show aligns perfectly with Hallmark Drama’s exclusive offering of original content." He further added, "We look forward to bringing Hallmark holiday joy to a special town in Alabama for the 2019 Christmas season." All in all 2019 is turning out to be a fantastic year for Christmas fans!


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